Let's understand the importance of airbags in car and passenger safety

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Let's understand the importance of airbags in car and passenger safety  11th March 2022


Safety technology is one of the most critical aspects to consider when purchasing a vehicle. For first-time buyers who want to know the importance of a vehicle's safety technology, it is a collection of intelligent technologies and devices built in the car to prevent collisions and ensure the safety of the passengers and the vehicle. Airbags are a common type of protective device present in all cars today.

Maintaining and abiding by all safety measures is essential to keep others and yourself safe. However, investing in trustworthy online car insurance can add an additional layer of protection to your vehicle.

With the car companies upgrading to the latest safety technologies, we must also understand their importance, especially airbags.

What are airbags?
Airbags are a type of supplemental restraint device (SRDs) whose main aim is to protect the individuals in the front seat from any injuries in case of a collision. When the car crashes, an electronic mechanism is triggered, and these airbags inflate with gas quickly. They are designed to instantly cushion and protect the driver upon impact and deflate soon after deployment. When airbags were introduced in 1951, most cars had this flexible fabric bag installed only to protect the driver. Today, most car models have it inbuilt for both the front occupants, the driver and the passenger. In 2021, the Central Government of India made passenger airbags mandatory for all vehicles to improve safety norms in the country.
Some car models only have airbags installed for the driver and the front-seat passenger. However, there are a few advanced models that have them installed in a way to protect the passengers in the back seat. While it is only mandatory to have airbags for the front passengers, cars that provide airbags for both back and front are the best to ensure maximum safety.

How effective are airbags?
Airbags are a crucial mechanism in your vehicle, and one cannot ignore their significance in improving the level of safety of your car.
An airbag comprises a thin nylon fabric bag, a set of inflators, and a sensor. It is designed to signal the inflators to blow up the nylon bags on detecting a collision. This mechanism goes a long way in avoiding severe facial, chest and head injuries.
While this device cannot stop or prevent a dangerous event like a road accident or car crash like other advanced safety technologies, it can protect the occupants from injuries and fatalities. The passengers are not only saved from the harsh impact of a collision but also avoid hitting any hard or sharp objects inside the car that can cause severe damage.
Several reports have confirmed that the rate of fatalities caused by dangerous accidents or collisions has significantly dropped, thanks to the safety devices including airbags. They can be most effective when the passengers are buckled-up and sit firmly in their seats.

To sum it up, drivers and passengers must always follow specific safety measures like wearing a seat belt, driving at a steady pace, adjusting the rearview and side mirrors for a clear vision, and not being distracted while driving. In addition to it, having a secure online car insurance can further cover the damages caused due to road accidents. So, before you purchase a new car, consider all safety technologies including the airbags for crucial cushioning for people during a crash.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.