Let's understand the threats of smoking while driving

Let's understand the threats of smoking while driving  31st October 2022

Driving is an activity that requires a very high amount of cognitive presence. As the number of accidents happening around the world becomes one of the leading causes of death, driving safely from one location to another should be an individual's primary concern while driving.

When the driver's mind is off the task of driving safely, the phenomenon is called distracted driving. Other signs of distracted driving are when the individual's eyes are not on the road or their hands are off the steering wheel. These activities significantly increase the risk of accidents and threaten the safety of everyone on the road.

Do you know that smoking cigarettes can cause distracted driving? With more and more people mocking drivers who use their phones while simultaneously driving, it should be common knowledge that cigarette smoking causes more distracted driving than using a phone. For instance, to smoke a cigarette, a driver has to;

1. Locate the cigarette pack. This might be difficult as it might be in the glove box, which further requires you to open it, or the back seat, which requires you to completely turn and look for the pack from the opposite direction of where you're supposed to look ahead.

2. Look for a lighter.

3. Light the smoke while still trying to keep your eyes on the road. It's already tricky to light a cigarette while driving, so it's accepted that there will be many unsuccessful attempts. This results in your concentration being broken for even longer.

4. Locating the ashtray to dispose of the ash and then discarding the cigarette will take even more of your time and demand your attention.

As per a study on the risk assessment of smoking habits while driving, it was concluded that the risk posed by distracted driving through the use of mobile phones is lesser than that of the use of cigarettes. It was observed that cigarette smoking resulted in about 12 seconds of distracted driving, while cell phone users averaged about 10.6 seconds.

Insurance claims:
Insurance claims are greatly affected by using cigarettes, even if you were not at fault. There might be a drunken or speeding driver who totaled your car from the rear end, and it might even be evident that you were not at fault, but your insurance claim is sure to suffer. Smoking while driving is seen as distracted driving, which is sure to affect your claim.

Health risks involved with smoking:
It has been known for a long time that smoking is detrimental to an individual's health and the people around them. However, nicotine dependence makes it very hard to quit. Even though the start is an innocent curiosity, it takes as little as 5 packs (100 cigarettes) to get addicted. And the more you smoke, the more receptors for nicotine form in your brain, and the more nicotine you need to get the same high.

Avoid putting your life at risk while in the car and practice healthy driving habits to stay safe in all situations. Invest in trustworthy motor insurance India and get an additional safety net for your vehicle to protect it from unexpected events and safeguard you from financial losses. Also, it is best to stop smoking altogether, or at least reduce your dependence on it to the degree that it doesn't affect your driving.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.