Let's understand why dashcams play a vital role while driving a car

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Let's understand why dashcams play a vital role while driving a car  21st March 2022


We all know the challenges of driving these days, no matter where we drive. The roads are raided with potholes, many drivers do not follow traffic regulations, and the unmaintained roadways are challenging to manoeuvre. While evading stray animals, pedestrians, or even rash drivers, we often come too close to getting into serious accidents. As per a report, over 4.37 lakh accidents occurred on Indian roads in 2019. Clearly, even after years of experience in driving and having a focused mind, several people in the country still get into unfortunate crashes that ruin their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

While you can take several precautions during driving, you can also install safety devices that help enhance your degree of protection. Using a dashcam while driving can play a vital role in providing security on the road. Let's understand how.

What is a dashcam?
A dashcam or a dashboard camera is like any other compact camera designed to give the car's occupants a clear view of the road ahead. The camera is positioned on the windscreen to record the road ahead and placed on the back of some vehicles to record the rearview. This camera starts recording as soon as you start the car or push a button.
The driver can view all the movements and incidents happening not only on the road ahead but also behind on a monitor installed inside the car. You can view the proximity of the vehicles around you, giving you a better edge at driving.
As a great convenience, the recordings on the dashcam can be saved on an SD card. You can access this footage as proof material in case of accidents.

What are the benefits of using a dashcam while driving your car?
No matter how many years of driving experience you have, you will never know when a dangerous accident might occur. Drinking and other destructive behaviours behind the wheel are vastly known to take innocent lives. Besides the fatalities and injuries, several vehicle damages and monetary losses are also incurred. A dashboard camera can help in several such situations:

1. A dashcam can assist the police in punishing the offenders in accidents by providing viable evidence. They can access the footage from the dashcam to view the factual occurrences rather than basing a case on mere statements.

2. A dashcam can be highly cost-effective. It can prevent the daily wear and tear that your vehicle might suffer from on the road by giving you a well-rounded view while driving, taking turns, and parking.

3. If you want to buy new car insurance, look for plans that offer a discount for installing a dashcam. Insurance companies recognise the benefits of this device. They sometimes provide a hefty discount on your premium if your vehicle is equipped with one and if you ensure other safety measures too.

4. Dashboard cameras are highly effective in promoting safe driving. They allow you to keep an eye on the rearview and side mirrors and foresee crashes or bumps.

The dashcam is proven to play an essential role in securing your personal as well as your vehicle's safety. There is a wide variety of dashcams available in the market. Invest in a good quality one to safeguard your future and ensure a quality driving experience. Remember, dashcam provides you advantages like lower premiums when you buy new car insurance as it can assist with settling claims quickly.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.