List of key console organisers for ensuring the cleanliness of your car

List of key console organisers for ensuring the cleanliness of your car  27th June 2022

Ever been embarrassed to bring someone to your car? A sock here, a pen there, it's infuriating not to have enough space to organise things in your vehicle the way you want them. Often, people turn to dump stuff on the seats, which looks highly unattractive. The revolutionary solution is to install console organisers.

This blog gives you a few different ideas so you can choose how to enhance the neatness of your car.

1. Full centre console:

The full centre console is a complete replacement of the console given with the car. It replaces your factory console, either due to damages to it or to have more storage in your vehicle.

2. Drop-in centre console:

Instead of replacing the entire console, this drop-in console lets you drop things into your existing console. It generally requires minimum installation. One unique advantage this console provides is that you can pull it and take your items with you on the go.

3. Double storage centre console:

If you have too many bulky items to store, a double storage centre console might be the way to go. This provides you with an upper storage compartment and a secondary dashboard.

4. Contractor centre console organiser:

Excellent addition for a rejuvenating road trip, this console is made for people who spend significant portions of their lives on the road. These organisers have all the essential compartments you need for a busy workday as a contractor and are most compatible with trucks. These provide two cup holders and offer an armrest that can multitask as a clipboard-holder.

Some great additions that you can install in your car.

Back seat organiser:

When you have kids travelling in the car, the back seat pockets more or less function as dumpsters. Back seat organisers help keep things tidy and you sane during long drives with kids. With pockets for juices, notebooks, pens, water bottles, games, and so much more, they are an essential need for every car.

Hand sanitiser pump for cup holders:

With COVID 19 and other diseases looming over us like a dark cloud, hand sanitisers have become necessary. Instead of forgetting a hand sanitiser and being frustrated over it daily, try this gadget which fits snugly into the car's cup holder and helps protect you from germs.

Car vacuum:

Keeping your car immaculately clean can significantly improve your driving mood and serve as a badge of honour when someone else enters your car. Bring an easily portable car vacuum with strong suction power to keep your car uncluttered.

First aid kit:

If travelling with children, the elderly, or alone, keeping a first aid kit is always a good idea. Keep an emergency kit stocked with essential medicines for common problems, band-aids, ORS, and pills for motion sickness. Also, have a box of wet tissues in case someone vomits.

Silicone baking cups:

Put these adorable cups in your cup holders to catch all future crumbs, it just needs to be removed and rinsed, and you'll never have to worry about cleaning the cup holder.

Choosing the right console organiser can be a daunting task for a new car owner, but there are a few key points to remember. First, check if your desired console organiser fits the make and model of your car. Also, know what function the organiser will have in your car. If you need something with a lot of storage space, go for the dual-level console, but if you want many compartments to hold your things, get a drop-in console.

These organisers may seem all fun and games until you understand their actual functionality. A clean and organised interior helps you maintain a decluttered mind, leading to better driving and fewer accidents. While talking about convenience, it is also paramount to consider safety. Search for car insurance online in India to ensure your vehicle is safeguarded against any mishaps. Happy driving!

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.