List of the most exciting winters fairs in India you can’t miss

List of the most exciting winters fairs in India you can’t miss  31st October 2022

The Indian winter calendar is always filled with various exciting events, including religious fairs, cultural festivals, and many other events. Many domestic and international tourists visit these events to participate in multiple activities and enjoy the rich cultural heritage. From boat races to rituals, elephants to drums, these winter festivals are packed with fun, entertainment, and local culture.

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1. Kochi Biennale:
The Kochi Biennale is an international exhibition of contemporary art held in the city of Kochi in Kerala. This festival is considered one of the largest contemporary art festivals in Asia. The event features works by both established and emerging artists.
Many of the works presented are interactive, with many artists taking the time to speak with the audience about their work. This blooms a creative atmosphere and allows artists to learn from the feedback from the visitors. This approach enhances the true meaning and value of the art and spreads it to the world.

2. Nagaur festival:
If you're in the mood for a good time and want to get a feel of the rural culture of Rajasthan, the Nagaur festival is the right place to be. From the flamboyant costumes to the exciting camel races, the Nagaur festival will surely entertain you with its colourful and vibrant shows. In the evenings, the fair turns into an open-air theatre with stunning performances of local dance forms.

3. Hornbill festival:
Every year, the Hornbill Festival is organised in Nagaland. This is also known as the Festival of Festivals, as it celebrates the beauty of nature and the importance of birds for the community. The festival lasts from the first to the tenth of December. Thousands of people come from across the world to attend the festival, which has become a cultural highlight.
The winter festival is undoubtedly a chance to experience Nagaland's diverse culture and traditions. Most of the major tribes of the region are represented during the festival, and they display their tribal crafts and dances.

4. Ziro festival:
If you are a music fanatic and love rock concerts, you must attend the Ziro festival, which is an outdoor music festival. Held every year in the Ziro valley of Arunachal Pradesh, it has a massive range of rock and pop bands performing yearly. Even if you are not fond of music, you can still enjoy the festival and see some exhilarating live performances.

5. Jaipur Literature Festival:
The Jaipur Literature Festival hosts some of the world's most talented writers and poets. The festival is organised by the Jaipur Literature Foundation, which aims to promote literary works and amplify their importance.
The festival has hosted nearly 2000 speakers and greeted over a million book lovers. It's not only a celebration of Indian literature but also a democratic platform for the development of global literature. As a non-profit organisation, it is non-aligned and offers fair access to all. Overall, it is a great multifaceted event with lectures, book discussions, and literary readings.

Locals and tourists alike have an insatiable appetite for winter celebrations. As a result of its mystique and splendour, thousands of people travel long distances to attend these festivals every year. However, mishaps are always possible with such a huge number of people. Thus, contacting a reputable general insurance company would be best to get a suitable insurance policy for your trip's safety.

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