Merits and Demerits of consuming additional food supplements

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Merits and Demerits of consuming additional food supplements  24th December 2021


Dietary supplements can be an easy option to provide your body with enough nutrients. Supplements fulfil your nutritional requirements, but they come along with their pros and cons. For example, many supplements have active ingredients that can adversely affect the body.

Here is a post that guides you about the different food supplements. To understand the merits and demerits, we will categorize the commonly used supplements in the market.

1. Dietary protein food supplements:
Protein is a macronutrient and the fundamental building block required to build muscles, maintain tissue, and boost the immune system. According to scientific research, every human need 0.8 to 2.2 grams of protein per body weight in kilograms.


• You can carry these supplements anywhere. They are readily available in shakes, bars, cereals to provide on-the-go energy.

• Moreover, protein food supplements consist of certain micronutrients not often found in our daily food like EAA's, creatine, glutamine, etc.

• These supplements can help you reach your protein goal faster.


• The downside of these supplements is that many people depend on them rather than whole food to fulfil their daily body's protein needs.

• Secondly, these supplements are promoted majorly for fitness industries, hence are expensive.

2. Vitamins and minerals food supplements:
Vitamins and minerals are crucial for our body's functioning. According to the body structure, every person has different needs for vitamins and minerals.


• These supplements can be helpful if you have difficulties having wholesome food or consuming a calorie deficit diet.

• Suppose that you don't like eating food that is rich in nutrients. In this case, vitamins and mineral food supplements can work best for you.


• Consuming specific vitamins and minerals for a prolonged period can accumulate them in the body and later result in severe toxicity symptoms such as kidney stones and heart rhythm issues.

• Excess amounts of minerals like zinc, magnesium, iron can also have adverse effects on your health.

3. Calorie food supplements:
Calorie food supplements come in handy when suffering from a health condition. They will help you fulfil the daily calorie intake that you cannot take from the whole food.


• These supplements are beneficial for individuals dealing with busy schedules, eating disorders, or suffering from any diseases. Here, calorie food supplements play a significant role when the nutritional intake changes.

• Fitness enthusiasts, children, picky eaters are highly benefited from calorie food supplements. Certain supplements like mass gainers provide you approximately 500-600 calories per 45 gm serving. This calorie intake is very accessible if you cannot reach your calorie goal.


• Having this form of food additive may add additional calories to your diet, culminating in the buildup of belly fat.

You might have understood the overview of food supplements. But, as we know, that excess of anything is harmful. Even excessive use of these supplements is not good. Before you start consuming any food supplements, it is always suggested to consult your doctor or physician to get the best possible advice.

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