Motorcyclists, here’s why you must invest in high-visibility clothing

Motorcyclists, here’s why you must invest in high-visibility clothing  30th March 2023

The highway road accident rates in India are extremely concerning. Considering the majority of motorcyclists on roads makes this issue more serious. While 2 wheeler insurance online is an excellent safeguard, one must also consider active preventive actions. High-visibility clothing for motorcyclists is a game-changer. These specially designed clothing come in bright colours, making the rider stand out from the crowd even from a distance.

Motorcyclists may wear a half-jacket of colours, such as neon green or orange, with luminescent reflective strips on their torso. They may also wear a full jacket with reflective strips and cool design patterns.

High-visibility clothing is practical protective gear as one cannot miss the motorcyclist from a distance, and he becomes visible to others even in the dark.

Let us see the reasons why you should invest in high-visibility clothing.

1. Safety
Investing in high-visibility clothing increases your safety and may even save your life by preventing fatal accidents. Most bike accidents happen because the motorcyclist is not visible from a distance in the dark. Also, motorcyclists ride at high speeds on the highways, which makes them more susceptible to deadly accidents at sharp turns or on dark patches of the road.

High-visibility jackets have reflective patches, strips, or piping on shoulders and arms, which shines when the beaming headlight of vehicles coming from the front falls on it. This is extremely helpful when the streets are dark, making the rider visible and preventing untoward incidents.

2. Style
High-visibility clothing is not just important for the motorcyclist’s safety, but it looks cool and trendy as well. Bikers can make a style statement by investing in bright and fancy high-visibility clothing. Such clothes come in attractive colours. Some may contain intricate designing with the help of reflective patches, strips, or piping. This can make your jacket or vest look very stylish.

3. Ease of use
High-visibility clothing can come in several formats. The simplest and easiest clothing to use will be in the form of a vest. You just have to wear it over your shirt or t-shirt and take it off after you reach your destination. They are usually light and can be folded and packed easily.

4. Protection against harsh weather conditions
You can invest in high-visibility jackets that protect you from the harsh winter chill while riding. Such jackets can also be waterproof and protect you from the rain. Similarly, buy high-visibility gloves that protect your hands from the chilly weather and avoid direct impact on your hands during mishaps.

5. Durable
High-visibility clothing differs from the material you use to make your regular apparel. They can be made from polyester, spandex, retroreflective, and fluorescent-dyed materials. These materials are lightweight and stretchable, making them very comfortable for motorcyclists. They do not get spoiled or torn easily.

You should always invest in high-visibility clothing if you are a motorcycling enthusiast. They uplift your style quotient and act as information providers on the streets that you are approaching.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.