Not responsible for the accident? Here's what you should do

Not responsible for the accident? Here's what you should do  16th February 2023

The numbers of road accidents in India are astonishingly increasing every year for many reasons, including drunken driving, being careless at the wheel, driving without attention, not following traffic rules, etc. Regardless of the reasons surrounding the road accident, you need to be extremely cautious on the road. You should also buy car insurance policy online, not as a mandate but as a comprehensive protection for your vehicle.

A lot of times, challenging situations may occur regarding road accidents, even if you are not at fault. Sometimes you may be accused of an accident you have no connection with. If you're not responsible for the accident and wondering what to do? You need not panic. We have curated this article to help you determine your next steps if you're not responsible for an accident.

What are the immediate steps?

Your immediate action plan should be:

● Try to stay calm before taking over the situation

● Call an ambulance if you or anyone involved in the accident is hurt

● If the cars are damaged, you should also call the police

● Make the drivers aware of the insurance coverage

● Take pictures of the vehicles involved in the accident

● Wait for the officials and car insurance companies to decide the next steps

● Do not panic and blame others

What to do if you are not responsible?

A car accident can be extremely stressful and anxious situation, so you must maintain your composure and pick your battles wisely. Some tips to help you deal with it are

1. Gather information:
You need to get important information like the name and address of the other driver. You should also take pictures at the accident scene. Collect photos of the damage to the involved cars, the number plate of the at-fault car, and then the driver's driving licence. Try to note down the statement of the passengers and witnesses.

2. Inform your insurance company:
Your insurance company should get involved in such a situation. But you must be very quick in submitting your details and proofs to your insurer (probably in the first 24 hours of the accident). The insurer of the at-fault driver may hold you guilty of the situation. Fret not! You should just state the facts, statements, and pictures for them to decide. You should also inform your insurer as it will establish your reputation as a good-faith citizen. They can also protect you if the other insurance company denies your claim.

3. File a legal claim if necessary:
Legal claims can be tedious. You need to choose that very wisely. You must only go for a legal claim if the extent of damage is massive. You are eligible for a legal claim when the other person's insurance company denies your claim and does not give you compensation. You can fight this with the other insurance company for rightful compensation.
However, if you are seriously hurt, you need a lawyer to fight your claim. Things can get pretty intense, and you need to choose everything with caution.

If you get into a car accident that you weren't responsible for, you should collect information on-site as much as you can. This will give you an upper hand. You can also claim their liability insurance. If you buy car insurance policy online, you will be covered against all the losses you encounter after a car accident. But, all of this should happen swiftly without any delays. You can win the situation only if you act fast and present your case strongly.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.