Outstation emergency coverage in car insurance: Everything you need to know

Outstation emergency coverage in car insurance: Everything you need to know  30th June 2022

Being stranded in an unknown location with a broken-down car is probably one of the scariest things ever. Even if you are the most experienced driver, a situation like this can cause panic and anxiety. Over the years, roadside assistance has improved significantly, and highway services are prompt with their response time. One such service provided by your insurance company is the outstation emergency coverage. It never hurts to know that in case of an accident or a breakdown, your insurance provider has an option to help you.

Outstation emergency covers can vary depending on your add-ons and the overall premium. Still, in brief, this add-on offers you services such as emergency assistance in case of a breakdown or accident. Under this cover, your insurance provider is bound to help you wherever you are. If, due to severe damage, the car cannot be fixed on-site, the responsibility of taking the car to the nearest service station falls on them. In some cases, they are also liable to drop you at a safe location of your choice.

Let us look at the services that fall under the outstation emergency cover.

1. Towing facility in case the vehicle is immobile

2. Battery charging in case the battery dies out

3. Tyre change in case of flat tyres

4. Fuel refilling in case of an empty fuel tank

5. If you are locked outside the car, the company might arrange a spare emergency key

What to look out for while purchasing an outstation emergency cover?

1. If you intend on purchasing this service, your premium will cost extra.

2. The emergency should occur outside a hundred-kilometre radius of the registration location.

3. You are eligible for NCB even when you make an outstation emergency claim.

4. The cover can be purchased for up to 03 years.

5. Check the limitation on the number of outstations claims you can make.

How to avail your outstation emergency coverage?

1. Alert the insurance company:

You should notify the insurance company about the damage or accident as soon as it happens. Once they are informed, they are liable to send the support staff immediately. The company will send a surveyor to analyse the damage and prepare a report.

2. Do not withhold any details:

Your insurance provider is supposed to help you. Do not hide details of the damage or breakdown. The more information they have, the better the report. An excellent report ensures a hassle-free insurance claim. Upon investigation, your claim might not be processed if they find any ambiguity.

3. Repair and maintenance:

If your vehicle needs repair, it is best to go to the service station associated with your insurance provider. If you cannot find a network service provider, you will be asked to pay for the repair, which the insurance company will later reimburse.

As mentioned above, even the most experienced drivers can panic during such situations. Remember to turn on the parking lights and keep the car breakdown warning signs behind and ahead of the car. If you have network coverage, notify your family or friends about your location.

The above points will give you a detailed idea about the outstation emergency coverage. With this coverage in hand, you can go on long road trips and weekend getaways with your loved ones without constantly worrying about flat tyres, empty fuel tanks, or a complete breakdown. Coverage schemes like these are a boon for travel enthusiasts who enjoy road trips.

Put in your best research and browse multiple options on various sites before you buy car insurance policy online. Reading about the various insurance providers and their coverage will give you a better insight into what services are better suited for you. Also, making an online deal will offer you several advantages with just a few clicks and from the comfort of your home.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.