Plan a perfect summer vacation to these top island tourist places of India

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Plan a perfect summer vacation to these top island tourist places of India  25th February 2021


From ice-capped mountains in the north to beautiful peninsulas in the south, India promises several travel experiences for everyone. What astonishes the travellers is the diverse local culture, cuisine, and lifestyle that you can enjoy in every part of India. The country comprises various big and small islands with rich cultural backing, and today we will look into a few of these to help you plan your next summer vacation. We bring the top 05 best islands to visit in India, which you can add to your travel bucket list.

1. Diu island:
Possibly one of the most beautiful islands on the list, Diu Island consists of beaches and heritage that are sure to enchant anyone who visits here. From forts to caves to museums, Diu offers so much to explore.
The Diu fort reveals some of the forgotten Portuguese histories with eye-catching stonework structures. After exploring the city throughout the day, a visit to Chakratirth beach is a must. With a stunning sunset and a backdrop of local food stalls, this is the perfect place for you to unwind.

2. Havelock islands:
One of the most talked-about islands, Havelock hosts tourists throughout the year. The largest island in Andaman, it's famous for its blue water, picturesque views, and adventurous water sports. It is an easy competition to foreign beaches and will give you a lifetime of memories.

3. Lakshadweep islands:
The smallest group of islands with a population of as few as 60,000 residents, Lakshadweep is where you would want to go to stay away from the tourist crowd. Spending time on the island will help you closely see the local life in an island town. Since the beautiful beaches are the island's main attraction, this is your go-to destination if all you want is to hear the waves crashing and seagulls hooting.

4. Munroe islands:
Munroe island in Kerala is a cluster of eight islands that promises an impeccable view of narrow canals connecting a network of backwaters. Munroe islands was once an unexplored territory, and only now has it started opening to tourist exploration. Munroe has beautiful rustic architectural relics that have stood the test of time. It still holds the old culture and lifestyle of the place intact. You can enjoy a wide variety of home-cooked meals while enjoying homestay and interacting closely with the locals.

5. St. Mary's islands:
A collection of 4 small islands, this place is famous for its unique rock formation similar to Ireland's. A serene island, close to the coast of Udupi, it has significance in science as well. It is believed that these unique rock formations were caused due to subvolcanic activities in Africa.

These are a few of India's many beautiful island tourist destinations, which magnetically attract people from all over India. Remember that these places are set away from the mainland; hence ensure to look into safe and comfortable travel options. Carry first aid, emergency medicines, and snacks for the commute. Insure your travel plans with general insurance for greater financial safety. You can buy general insurance online and safeguard yourself against any unprecedented expense you might incur during your trip.

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