Planning your first cruise trip? Here's all you need to know

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Planning your first cruise trip? Here's all you need to know  13th June 2022


Watching the beautiful horizon from the open deck is a mesmerising experience. Cruise trips seem elite and sound exciting. It is a paradise for ocean lovers. From solo ventures to family getaways, the cruise journeys welcome travellers to enjoy an unforgettable maritime holiday opportunity. Sailing couldn't have been more fun with several recreational activities, games, and cuisine organised onboard. Every moment on the ship reflects a beautiful memory to cherish forever!

Planning your first cruise trip can seem daunting without proper information about bookings, the right time to travel, the expenses, and much more.

This blog is your guide to understanding all the information you need to know before you board the ship. Carefully go through the pointers and chart all the requirements to plan a hassle-free cruise trip. Here’s all you need to know.

1. Timing is everything:

You need to figure out the right time to sail. Finalise your destinations and understand their sailing season. Look up the details of the touchpoints and the locations you wish to visit on the cruise company’s website or reservation site and research their sailing calendar.

2. Choosing the right cruise:

Different cruise liners provide you with various amenities and a range of activities to do while you’re on your sea voyage. Carefully look at different packages and determine which one fits your vacation goals and budget. Choosing the right cruise is important as they will take you on a journey to foreign countries and continents. Multiple onboard activities will keep you engaged throughout your travel.

3. Intent of travel is important:

Determining how and why you wish to take a cruise trip would be best. It is essential to determine your travel purpose as you will be out in the sea longer than expected. And when there are fewer locations to step down and explore and more sea exploration, things can get a little challenging due to the feeling of stagnation. Hence it is essential to figure out how confident and strongly willing you are to take a sea voyage.

4. Book the cruise:

While planning your first-ever cruise trip, you should book with someone trustworthy. Or some of your close contacts have already experienced their services and recommend them. Given the time of the journey and the heavy expenditure, you must ensure to do research regarding the company before you go ahead and book your tickets.

5. What should your itinerary look like:

Foremost finalise your budget and the location before you head out in search of the best cruise trips and their itineraries. Fixing your budget will help you narrow down your list of options and help you efficiently choose the suitable itinerary that covers all your expectations.

6. Choosing the perfect cabin:

You will have several options to pick from when you are finalising your cabin for the cruise journey. But how to choose the right cabin? If you’re easily seasick, looking for cabins with a sea view will not be advisable. You can choose higher or lower cabins according to your preferences, which do not face the sea but open your doorway into the activity area, making you feel more alive!

Certain other pointers like checking on your travel documents: your passports, visa, identity proof, tickets, etc., are paramount. Keep your health as the priority. Make all necessary preparations regarding the medications you might need beforehand to avoid the stress of getting sick when onboard.

While planning your first cruise trip can be stressful yet exciting, it is always helpful to be prepared for any travel or medical emergencies in advance. Unprecedented circumstances can result in panic situations while travelling. Don’t let health emergencies spoil your excitement of enjoying your first cruise trip.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.