Post-marriage amendments to be made in your health insurance policy

Post-marriage amendments to be made in your health insurance policy  17th October 2022

Marriage is a monumental step in anyone's life. And if you have made this important decision and are going to or have recently got married, one of the essential things to consider is your and your spouse's financial security!

Since you intend to spend your entire life together, you must have adequate health insurance coverage. Consequently, reviewing and updating your health insurance plan after marriage is essential to ensure the best coverage for you and your new family.

1. Understand your new healthcare needs:
While your health insurance needs may change, it is best to have in-depth healthcare knowledge on what type of coverage would best suit you and your family. Nowadays, most plans include outpatient care, prescription drugs, and hospital or facility stays for a fixed premium. Sometimes, your coverage may include vision, dental needs, and even mental healthcare.
Suppose you have a specific need for any coverage or want to consult about the best options for your family. In that case, we suggest you seek help from your medical insurance provider and financial adviser. You can also surf the internet to gain a comprehensive understanding of all online health insurance policies.

2. Add your spouse to an existing plan:
If you are satisfied with your current health insurance plan coverage, you can add your spouse to your existing policy.
Whoever owns the policy can initiate this process by submitting the necessary documents (such as the marriage certificates and KYC documents for the new member, comprising evidence of identification, proof of age, and pictures) and completing the necessary form. The adjustment will also require changes in the policy premium for the newly added member.

3. Include maternity benefits under your policy:
Most health insurance policies have a maternity waiting period of two to four years. You can only consider obtaining the wife's maternity benefits once the waiting time is over. Therefore, if you don't include maternity benefits in your plan now, you will be unable to utilise them when planning a family.

4. More add-on covers:
As a result of the many changes that marriage entails, you and your spouse may want additional protection for your family. Now is the time to look into online health insurance add-ons that you can include in your coverage to make it more tailored to your specific requirements.
In addition to maternity insurance, you should think about purchasing a critical illness cover, personal accident protection, or a top-up cover. These are all powerful add-ons to consider. As some of these coverages may come with waiting periods, making the decision as soon as possible is crucial.

5. Choose the right insurer:
When you update your health plan or acquire a new one to meet your post-marriage requirements, it is recommended that you switch to an insurer that provides superior facilities and services to get the most out of your new plan.
Therefore, if unsatisfied with your current insurance provider, you may easily switch to a new and potentially superior insurance company. Look for an insurer that provides you with various rider coverages and benefits.

Marriage is one of the most critical decisions in your life, and you must handle it responsibly. You must have not only the coverage you need but also the coverage that is best for your family. By doing your homework and researching the best online health insurance options available, you can ensure that you will protect your family's health for years to come.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.