Practice these care tips to keep your car's tyres and rims in good condition

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Practice these care tips to keep your car's tyres and rims in good condition  11th March 2022


A car has become more of a need than a luxury in recent times. It makes commuting and travelling highly convenient. People invest their time, effort and capital while purchasing a car to ensure it is to their liking while meeting their requirements. Many factors influence their purchase, like the model, budget, convenience, features, etc.

Taking care of your vehicle is crucial. You need to ensure that your car is regularly maintained, cleaned and goes for servicing periodically, as instructed. Always use authentic auto spare parts and follow all the service standards recommended by the manufacturer.

There are also chances that many exterior parts might get damaged due to extensive use of the vehicle. The wheels face maximum wear and tear due to constant friction. Practice these care tips to keep your car’s tyres and rims in good condition.

1. Pressure:
It is essential to check the air pressure of your car’s tyres, preferably before you start driving. Suppose the pressure is below the recommended limit, then there is a considerable danger of a blowout that might disbalance your car. This condition can wreak havoc on your driving and risk your safety. In addition to this, low pressure also reduces your vehicle’s efficiency, mileage and affects the life of the tyres.

2. Inspection:
You need to deeply examine your vehicle’s tyres for unusual wear and tears, cuts, punctures or other damages. Get the car checked by an expert for repair or replacement if needed. In case of a puncture, replace the tyre with a spare until you get to a service centre and have it inspected by a mechanic thoroughly. Call a professional if you’re stuck with a damaged tyre in the middle of a long-distance road trip.

3. Rotation:
Maintain a rotational routine of your car tyres to ensure an even balance of tread wear. Ensure proper examination of the tyres by a professional during the rotation procedure. They can help you determine early or late wearing down and find the reason to save you from any further risks.

4. Curbs:
Bumping into or driving close to the curbs can damage or bend the rims. Try practising parallel parking with cones or other items that will not scrape off your rims if you bump into them.

5. Properly clean up:
Use standard quality products and cloth materials to clean the rims of the wheels. You can risk corrosion of the metallic coats and cause damage to the alloys if you use acid-based cleaners. Use a gentle soap and water mixture and rub firmly to make the rims shine.

6. Alignment:
Misaligned wheels can lead them to wear out unevenly. This ultimately causes loss of control, reduces their strength, and amplifies fuel consumption, reducing efficiency. Get your alignment adjusted whenever you get your car inspected by a mechanic.

Other tips to keep tyres and rims in good condition include maintaining good driving practices, avoiding overloading your car, inspecting the tread depth, ensuring that the spare tyre is in perfect state, accurate wheel balance, etc.

We covered one crucial aspect about taking proper care of your car. But to avoid any severe damages and monetary stress due to unprecedented circumstances, it is wise to get your vehicle insured. Purchase car insurance that caters to your needs and safeguards your vehicle from damages and financial loss.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.