Practice these habits to improve your cognitive skills

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Practise these habits to improve your cognitive skills  23rd February 2021


We have all heard the famous proverb, "a sound mind lives in a sound body". Both are integral parts that should be taken care of to lead a healthy life. In this blog, we will discuss some methods to sharpen your brain and polish your cognitive skills.

You can call your brain the control centre of your system since it processes all you see, hear, touch and think. Your brain perceives different sensations, sounds, images, etc., and conveys the signal to your whole body, signalling it to respond accordingly. Incredibly, this process happens within a matter of seconds.

It is crucial to take extra care of your brain's health and mental wellbeing. Dietary and lifestyle changes help combat cognitive-related issues such as mental health problems, anxiety and depression and help in enhancing creativity.

Here's how you can sharpen your cognitive abilities.

1. Relieve stress:
Develop a habit of taking walks daily and breathing in the fresh air. Other relaxing activities can include getting a massage, reading, meditation, etc. These activities help release the tension and stress from your body and lower your cortisol levels which tend to affect the memory sections of your brain.

2. Sleep well:
Sleeping at least eight hours a day is crucial to maintaining a sound mind. Quality sleep helps your mind commit things to memory and improve your brain's retention capacity.

3. Play:
Include games like crossword, sudoku, and puzzles in your daily schedule. These games intensify the usage of brain functions, thus helping in improving your reasoning and retention abilities.

4. Doodling:
Recent research has proven that doodling and colouring activate your brain's reasoning and problem-solving region. These activities enhance the blood supply to the prefrontal cortex and strengthen your mind's analytical and attention capabilities.

5. Dark chocolate:
Dark chocolate has been proven good for your physical and mental health. Studies have found that it contains flavanol, a substance that boosts your brain's memory retention, functioning, and processing abilities.

6. Reduce sugar consumption:
Consumption of carbohydrates and a sugar-rich diet can slow down your brain as your body takes time and energy to break down these substances. Consuming too much sugar also leads to depression and heart diseases, thus risking your physical and mental health.

7. Exercise:
Research has shown that lifting weights help in improving cognitive abilities. People who lift weights tend to increase their spatial memory. It helps in memorising the environments one is in at any given moment. Spatial memory enables you to remember layouts of a room or how you arrange things in your space. People who achieve their physical goals by walking strengthen their verbal memory.

These are some techniques that can help improve your cognitive skills. Apart from the above tips, you may even practise mindfulness by indulging yourself in daily yoga and meditation sessions. Yoga and meditation These healthy practices can keep your brain active and impact your productivity.

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