Practice these measures to save money and smartly handle your finances

Practice these measures to save money and smartly handle your finances  30th September 2022

Recently, the discussion about money management and growing wealth has taken centre stage. In the background of the pandemic, layoffs were causing concern while freelancing and remote online jobs boomed, providing people of all ages a chance to make money. Despite the opportunities and rising wages for specialised jobs, the risk of recession and inflation is still present.

In such an environment, simply making ends meet is not enough. Individuals need to save and purchase general insurance for future contingencies.
Saving and personal financial management may seem complicated. Still, with some planning and habitual implementation, you can make an emergency fund, plan for your wants and invest without compromising on your present or future aspirations!

1. Make your budget:
Our first tip would be to prepare a budget that makes you aware of your expenses and income. Your budget is a combination of your income and expenses for a period. Ideally, your income should be more than your expenses at all times, and it is recommended to have more than one source of income.
Once you have your budget, do not make excuses for your financial position. Numbers do not lie, and your reasons will not reverse your situation but can help you plan better in the future.

2. Set aside a savings fund:
Consciously putting aside money from your income as savings is difficult as the temptation to splurge on impulse shopping is at its peak when you first get your paycheck. To resist such temptations, set up a separate bank account for savings.
Schedule an automatic transfer from your monthly salary immediately after it gets credited into your account. This way, you don't need to take time and decide to save; it just gets done automatically!

3. Purchase general insurance:
If there's one expense you must undertake at all times, irrespective of your income and expenses, it is general insurance. General insurance covers your property, health, and vehicles against unintended harm caused by many factors.
The lack of a general insurance policy is bound to pinch your wallet as the burden of compensating for the damages ends on your shoulders. Online health insurance, travel insurance, motor insurance, home insurance, and commercial insurance fall under this umbrella. Some of these are tax exempt, which can help you reduce your taxable income and pay reduced taxes.

4. Consciously use a credit card:
A credit card is an excellent monetary tool that gets a lot of flak for being mismanaged by individuals with no financial discipline. Credit cards are instruments that facilitate credit-taking and make it highly accessible, which tempts many people and ends up leaving them in a cycle of debt.
If you lack financial discipline, immediately cancel your credit cards and dispose of them. If you have credit card loans, focus on repaying them as early as possible. Use a credit card to purchase items that you know you can repay within the month.

5. Pay recurring bills on time:
Services billed monthly, like electricity, internet subscriptions, etc., can become a significant expense if not paid before the due date. Often, people forget dues, and these dues snowball into a much more considerable amount than the original sum. If it is an unnecessary expense, consider cutting it out before it piles up. If you need it, try scheduling an automatic payment to prevent paying interest on dues.

Savings and financial planning are not habits that are developed overnight. They require conscious planning and continued discipline to build. However, simple tips like directing your income towards investments, and savings before considering expenses can help inculcate sound financial habits.

Insurance is an all-time favourite tax-saving financial instrument and a beneficial liability to undertake healthy life and manage funds smartly. A wise decision will be to purchase online health insurance or other general insurance plans to make the process less hectic and more rewarding. The more you value your finances, the better your lifestyle will be.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.