Practice these steps to best deal with motion sickness while driving

Practice these steps to best deal with motion sickness while driving  26th October 2022

If you feel dizzy while driving where the roads are primarily like pins, you are not the only one. Many car drivers feel the sensation of wooziness and motion sickness during a long journey, and it can be a nightmare.

What if you end up crashing your car due to dizziness? This thought might have crossed your mind. It is natural to feel uneasy while driving, especially for long hours. Due to continuous motion, your brain might feel fatigued, and as a result, you may get distracted. These distractions can be fatal for you and your car.

Even if you buy car insurance online that will cover your damage, what about the injuries you will face? In this post, we'll give you some advice on reducing the effects of motion sickness while driving.

1. Keep an eye on your diet:
Be careful about what you eat before you drive because your food can greatly impact motion sickness. Avoid eating anything that makes you feel full. Eat light an hour before because you won't feel heavy while driving. The problem might worsen if you eat spicy foods. Therefore, be sure to eat small meals, and it's best to avoid any items that don't suit your taste. A proper food regimen can significantly reduce symptoms of motion sickness.

2. Check your driving position:
Sit comfortably and keep your eyes on the horizon while you are driving. By doing this, you divert your attention from moving items. Even though you need to be aware of your surroundings, try to avoid looking sideways while driving. It is because sudden and severe nausea might occasionally result from looking sideways. If you can, keep the windows open when operating a four-wheeler since a steady stream of fresh air can help with motion sickness.

3. Check the ventilation and cooling:
Many people avoid AC and prefer natural air. If your car's cooling system isn't sound, it can create driving problems. It could end up being one reason for dizziness or motion sickness. Similarly, poor ventilation in cars is another frequent cause of motion sickness while driving. It may result in some odors being trapped, which may make you nauseous.
It is therefore advised to keep your car well-ventilated by slightly lowering the windowpanes. A calming scent in your vehicle, like mint or lavender, is also a good idea because it can help boost your mood and prevent motion sickness symptoms.

4. Enjoy breaks:
Driving for long stretches can also cause motion sickness. So, if you are on a long-distance trip, it is a good idea to stop frequently. When you reach a restaurant or rest area, stop your car for a short while, get out, and stretch your legs. Taking regular breaks helps a lot with motion sickness symptoms. Also, if you feel sick while driving, stop immediately, splash some water on your face, and don't get back behind the wheel until the sickness is gone.

5. Drink tea:
If you are a tea lover, have it when taking a journey break. Tea can treat motion sickness by calming and relaxing the muscles in your stomach and can lower the amount of acid in your stomach.

6. Carry medicines:
There are over-the-counter medications that can give you immediate relief from motion sickness. However, always speak with your doctor before using such medication. You should only take these drugs as prescribed by your doctor.

Motion sickness is a common problem, but you must take appropriate steps to overcome the problem while driving. Bring the above tips into practice, and you will surely find a good solution. The effects of motion sickness can be adverse, and with time if you feel that the situation is worsening, you must see your doctor for further diagnosis.

If you are going on a long drive for the first time, ensure that you have already taken a good rest. Also, buy car insurance online as an excellent option to cover any damages that might occur during your trip. By purchasing online car insurance, you unlock features and benefits like instant coverage, better premium, and 24/7 customer support to safeguard your car from mishaps.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.