Protect your personal belongings with a theft add-on to your bike insurance

Protect your personal belongings with a theft add-on to your bike insurance  25th January 2023

A comprehensive bike insurance policy protects you in case your bike gets stolen. It ensures the receipt of the total insured value or the IDV of your bike from the insurance company. This way, two wheeler insurance will reimburse you when you raise an insurance claim.

But what happens to your expensive belongings kept in the bike, such as your bag or wallet, that have disappeared along with your two-wheeler? Worry no more! You can now buy an add-on theft cover while purchasing two wheeler insurance online or offline to protect your personal belongings.

The benefit of theft add-on.

A theft add-on feature for your bike’s comprehensive insurance policy enhances its value by covering your personal belongings’ value. You can purchase this add-on cover while buying new two wheeler insurance online India or renewing the existing policy. The insurance company becomes liable to pay the amount mentioned in the add-on cover. The depreciation amount is deducted to date for your personal belongings in case your bike gets stolen.

Documents required.

You must provide the following documents to raise an insurance claim:

1. An FIR filed with a police station immediately after your bike is stolen

2. Original invoice of the items for which you are staking a claim or proof of ownership of the belongings stolen

You must inform the insurance company of the theft within 30 days of the bike being stolen. The insurance company will not entertain any claim post this period. Also, insurance companies will not accept claims for items not meant for personal use. It means the lost item should not be for trading or commercial purposes. Also, the item you are claiming should be inside or on the bike when it gets stolen.


Opting for a theft add-on to your bike insurance has several advantages:

1. Only this add-on assures you of reimbursement for the loss of your personal belongings present in your bike in case it is stolen.

2. This add-on protects your hard-earned money. You can have complete peace of mind and leave behind your belongings on your bike without worrying about their loss.


There are a few limitations of theft add-on to your bike insurance too.

1. Depreciation:
Insurance companies charge high depreciation for your valuables. The minimum percentage of depreciation charged is 20% which can go up to 80% for items over four years old. Hence, you may get a minimal amount for your lost personal belongings.

2. Documentation:
The formalities required to support your insurance claim for your personal belongings are cumbersome. For example, you may not have proof of ownership of all the items stolen with the two-wheeler and may not get the claim passed for them.

The theft of your bikes is not in your control. A standard insurance policy will only provide compensation for your bike and not your valuables. Opting for a theft add-on to your bike insurance is an intelligent choice. It has more advantages than limitations and will protect the valuables in your bike.

Similarly, opting for two wheeler insurance online India is a great choice. It minimises paperwork, saves time, and is much more convenient than buying an insurance policy through conventional channels. You can make an informed choice by comparing similar policies of all the service providers and choosing the best amongst them. Hence, ensure your peace of mind by buying your two wheeler insurance online India policy.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.