Read the insurance fine print if your bike has a high engine capacity

Read the insurance fine print if your bike has a high engine capacity  02nd January 2023

Over the years, there has been a significant and gradual increase in the demand for luxury goods globally. In the automotive industry, superbikes are an excellent example of the shift from only necessities to splurging on comforts and luxuries. Once considered only for racing enthusiasts, high-capacity motorcycles with an engine capacity of over 150cc are now being used for recreational purposes and commuting.

However, the recent cases of rejected claims by motor insurance companies for accidents involving superbikes have raised concerns over the technicalities of insurance contracts and their effectiveness in shouldering financial losses.

Read on to find out about one such case, the aftermath, and some tips to ensure that your policy covers all such damages if your bike has a high engine capacity.

Case study:
This claim settlement case involved a bike with an engine capacity of over 340cc, which faced an accident, resulting in the rider's demise. The motor insurance company denied the claim since the bike insurance policy included a clause that stated that it should not cover personal accident claims involving bikes or scooters with over 150cc engines.
While the claim was initially denied, the motor insurance company later released the sum to the insured's family and clarified the issue. The insured was covered under an outdated policy that they had since updated to include personal accident cover.

This brings us to our question, is a high-engine capacity bike not covered under bike insurance?
While the case in question may make you believe that superbikes are not included under the provisions of bike insurance policies, it is not the case! The legal requirements of an insurance contract are constantly tweaked to provide maximum benefit to the insured while ensuring that the motor insurance company is aware of all the facts regarding its client to ensure that no insurance fraud occurs. While the old insurance clause excludes personal accident covers, potential policy buyers should read the fine print of their insurance documents to ensure that they are provided with the most recent version of the insurance policy that maximises inclusions.

General engine capacity and usage inclusions as per the old rule:
The old rule prevents the insured from lodging personal accident claims for motorcycles with an engine capacity greater than 150cc. Generally, 2-wheelers with an engine capacity of less than 150cc are used for commuting purposes only. They are, therefore, less risky and more profitable for the insurer since accidents are relatively fewer when compared to bikes with high engine capacity. High cc bikes are expensive, have lower mileage, higher premiums, and have less fuel efficiency.

Tips to ensure that all relevant damages are included in your policy.

As a prudent mechanism, insurance protects the insured in most cases as long as the circumstances are not stated as exclusions from the policy.

1. Read the fine print:It may seem tedious to go through the minute details of your insurance, but it is the safest way to ensure that your motor insurance company is providing you with the latest version of the policy with the most inclusions.

2. Consider purchasing an add-on: Despite close inspection, if specific clauses restrict the scope of potential claims, it is advisable to buy add-on facilities such as zero depreciation cover to keep your expensive possession safe.

3. Compare your alternatives: Before committing to an insurance provider, it is highly advised to compare the existing options and choose a plan with the most inclusions and justified premium with a high claim settlement rate.

4. Renew your policy on time: Delayed renewals and outdated coverage plans are significant issues that potential policy buyers must avoid.

Bikes with higher cubic capacity deliver a powerful performance, making it a worthwhile investment for motorcycle and speed enthusiasts to get their adrenaline rush. Since their cost and insurance premium is more significant than lower cc engine bikes, it is necessary to check the specifications your motor insurance company provides thoroughly. Read all the terms and conditions before making a final decision.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.