Replacing your headlights can be a DIY project with the right resources!

Replacing your headlights can be a DIY project with the right resources!  20th March 2023

When your headlights give you a difficult time by going off, the instant reaction is to contact a mechanic. And why would you not? A broken headlight makes it feel like you are driving with one eye closed, causing night drives riskier. Also, what if a vigilant police officer stops you on the road? That generally means heavy fines, especially if a few things are wonky in your car. Additionally, the car now looks way less sleek than before. However, going to the mechanic proves to be costly and time-taking, which makes you delay the job unless there is a looming fine.

A one-stop solution to all these problems is just fixing the headlight yourself. This surprisingly easy task takes a few minutes to accomplish. It could be a fun DIY project which you undertake this season! This blog gives you the basics of replacing your car headlights at home!

Tool list: You might need the following tools to fix the headlights, so keep them handy: Screwdriver set, socket set, pliers.

Safety first!
There's nothing more important than your safety. Wear gloves and goggles to protect yourself, as you might have to reach some tight spots. Additionally, you'll hold sensitive bulbs throughout the process, which warrants protection.

As a precautionary method to ward off DIY enthusiasts, most car insurance companies do not allow significant self-modifications to the vehicle's interiors or exteriors. While checking new car insurance rates, read the policy fine print to check if it permits such changes.

Step-by-step process on how to replace your car's headlights:

1. Check your owner's manual
This is to get specific instructions on replacing your vehicle's headlights and what kind of bulbs you should get (HID or LED). The general instructions are similar, but you may need specific tweaks to suit your car.

2. Power the car down
Turn off your car, let it cool, and park it in a clean area on your driveway.

3. Access the bulbs
This may be a tricky step. Sometimes, you may need to remove the battery to access the bulbs better. Or, you can pop the hood and locate the headlight holder near the front of the car.

4. Detach the headlight connector and disconnect the bulb
The base of the lightbulb is connected by three wires. Disconnect the plug that supplies power to it. Once you open the headlight, changing the bulb is child's play. However, be careful while unlocking the locked bulb out of its place. Try not to break the clips used in locking the bulb, as those are not easily fixable.

5. Screw the new light bulb in
Wearing gloves, carefully screw the new bulb without touching the glass of the bulb, as it may burst. Close the hood of your car, and the job is done! If one headlight is off, it's almost certain the other will go off in a few weeks. So, when replacing one, take some time and replace the other one too.

Headlights going off is a common problem. While it is usually from old age, there can be other reasons, such as extreme heat or cold, which affects the bulb's filament, causing it to go off. It can also be due to oxidation, common in modern-day halogen bulbs. Unfortunately, you might have to replace the whole headlight, not just the bulbs. In this case, taking the vehicle to a mechanic is best, as meddling with it too much might do more harm than good. To make this more pocket friendly, research new car insurance rates that also undertake your car's repair and maintenance costs.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.