Revealing the hidden benefits of cashless mediclaim policy

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Revealing the hidden benefits of cashless mediclaim policy  19th January 2022


The pandemic has brought the whole world to a standstill and has taught us the importance of health. Proper nutrition and exercising are vital components for taking care of your body. But, so is opting for the best health insurance that suits your needs.

Today, let's talk about the cashless mediclaim policy and how it provides a convenient way for accessing medical necessities and hospitalisation without worrying about settling the bill. The expenditure during the hospitalisation period is paid to the hospital directly by the insurance company. This eliminates the pressure of reimbursement and allows more focus on the patient's health.

If you are planning to get a cashless mediclaim policy, consider these benefits to get better clarity.

1. Cashless mediclaim policies bail you out of the tiring and extensive process of filling lengthy forms and papers. It gives you the freedom to concentrate on the patient's health without worrying about the monetary aspect of the situation.

2. It saves you from the increasing costs of medical care in India and guarantees a hassle-free experience in the time of a medical emergency.

3. Cashless mediclaim policies minimize the financial burden. They provide monetary coverage, and you don't have to worry about arranging the cash in advance for medical bills.

4. Not only do they cover the hospitalisation expenses, but they also take care of your pre and post-hospitalisation financial worries. Some of them also include benefits like checkups at regular intervals, ambulance charges, domiciliary treatment spendings, etc.

5. Managing a medical emergency in an unknown place would be stressful and difficult. In such times, a cashless mediclaim policy might come to your rescue as they have extensive coverage of several hospitals nationwide. With these policies, you can put your mind at ease and travel without a shred of fear about you and your family's health. By observing the rapid increment in the customer database, the features of cashless policies are being updated regularly to meet the requirements of the customers and the industry.

6. Under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act 1961, the premium paid for the policies is eligible for tax benefits (up to a limit of INR 15,000 for senior citizens and INR 10,000 for non-senior citizens). These cashless mediclaim policies also benefit tax savings, thus minimising stress and financial load.

7. Unjustified costs in the medical bills are directly taken care of by the insurance companies. They contact the hospitals directly to tally the verified and unverified expenses. This promises a smooth experience for the patient and the caretakers.

8. Mediclaim policies also include planned and emergency hospitalisation, thus widely covering the prospects of an unprecedented medical situation through a wide range of hospital networks.

There you have it! All the benefits of the cashless mediclaim policies listed above help you choose the best treatment efficiently. Emergencies never come with a warning. You need to protect yourself and your family in times of sudden medical urgencies. Explore your options and find a suitable health insurance plan which caters to your needs and delivers when required. Receiving comprehensive benefits of a hassle-free diagnosis and treatment with affordable premium rates and total cashless transactions during emergencies is revolutionary progress observed by the healthcare sector. Let's actively participate and draw results from this service provided by health insurance companies.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.