Say goodbye to indigestion with these seven effective home remedies

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Say goodbye to indigestion with these seven effective home remedies  20th December 2021


Some foods might delight your taste buds but can cause discomfort in your stomach. Overeating or eating something that does not agree with your stomach can cause indigestion.

Indigestion is a common health problem. Most people take medications because they do not believe in home remedies. While medications can provide quick relief, home remedies are suitable for your overall health in the long run.

Here we have a list of easy home remedies to calm your upset stomach with zero side effects and the best relief.

1. Peppermint tea:
Peppermint is not just a refreshing flavour for candies, chewing gum and mouth fresheners. It has antispasmodic qualities, making it an excellent ingredient for relieving stomach problems like nausea and indigestion. You could easily add peppermint to your diet by drinking peppermint tea after meals and sucking on peppermint candies when you experience symptoms.

2. Water:
Of course, you already drink water throughout the day. However, sometimes people can forget to drink the adequate amount required by the body. Water is essential for the digestion process and absorption of the nutrients in the food and beverages you consume. Being dehydrated can reduce the effects of digestion by facilitating the incomplete breakdown of complex food particles.

3. Baking soda:
Indigestion occurs when the acid level in your stomach increases. Baking soda has neutralizing properties, which relieve the effects of acid instantly. Baking soda is cheap and can be consumed by mixing with water or honey and lemon.

4. Chamomile tea:
A cup of chamomile tea can fix gut discomfort and indigestion by reducing the number of acids in the gastrointestinal tract. The herb also has anti-inflammatory properties that help ease the pain. Chamomile tea is also a popular choice for calming anxiety.

5. Avoid lying down:
Parents often tell us not to lie down immediately after eating, and now we understand why. Lying down after eating allows the food to travel back upwards, which causes heartburn. Avoid lying down for at least an hour after eating. If you must lie down, elevate your head, neck, and chest with pillows at a 30-degree angle.

6. Apple cider vinegar:
There are uncountable benefits of apple cider vinegar, ranging from skincare to weight loss and relieving indigestion is one of them. Insufficient amounts of acid can also trigger indigestion. The acidic properties of the ingredient increase your body's production of acids. Raw, organic, and unfiltered apple cider vinegar works best for indigestion.

7. Ginger:
Ginger has long been famous for its curative properties. It contains properties that can relieve the contractions in your stomach during indigestion by moving the responsible foods from the stomach much quicker. Ginger can be added to various savoury items as a spice and be used in desserts. For a quick ginger remedy, you could make ginger tea whenever you feel the symptoms.

By following the above remedies, you can manage your indigestion at home without heavy doses of medicines. These home remedies are scientifically proven to improve your condition. However, besides these, you may even count on insurance coverage to secure your health against other diseases. Choosing a good health insurance policy for family will act as a safety net for everyone at home. Purchase one today to enjoy the seamless benefits of the coverage.

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