Single mother: A health insurance can secure your and your child’s future

Single mother: A health insurance can secure your and your child’s future  16th February 2023

Women have surpassed their traditional gender roles and are now leading huge organisations, establishing their start-ups, investing for their future, taking care of their families, and when they decide to become mothers according to their own choices. While we all know how society functions and several stereotypes have been crumbled to the ground by women, we are still far from creating a safer space. But there is no second thought about how the position of women in society has improved over time.

Due to unfortunate circumstances or by choice of living a stress-free life, several women are single mothers today. And most of them hold sole custody of their kid(s). Again, the stigma against single parenting is quite challenging to go through. There are several aspects to ensuring you create a happy life for yourself and your kid. This blog aims to make single mothers understand the importance of health insurance and how it can secure their future and their child’s upbringing. Here’s a guide to achieving that and all you need to know about the topic.

1. Explore all your options.
There are several insurance options in the market. You will see a herd of insurance providers. It would be best to thoroughly research every health insurance- the merits and demerits, terms and conditions, renewal policy, sum insured, service quality, hospitals in the network, trust, and ratings. After all these detailings, if you still feel the process is overwhelming and you cannot differentiate amongst the integral factors, you can consult a financial expert who will help you prioritise your needs and put forth the best options for you.

2. How do you prioritise your requirements?
Health insurance should be at the top of your priority list. And while the details of various types of insurance available in the market can be overwhelming, you need to prioritise your requirements. How can you do that? You need to figure out your insurance coverage, keeping in mind the range of medical expenditures in your location, as geographical factors influence hospital expenses.
While determining the amount for coverage for your health insurance, you need to be careful about the limitations like the hospital expenses, the settlement for the claims regarding the ailments, etc. Health insurance with these restrictions tends to cost you lower than those who endorse full coverage. Listing your needs will help you find the perfect insurance for your necessities.

3. Plan ahead of time.
As a single mother, you have a massive load of responsibilities on your shoulders. It would be best if you secure your future and your child’s/children’s and family’s future from an early stage. Also, you will see a significant increase in medical inflation, impacting health insurance premiums, hospitalisation costs, prices of medical aids and equipment, etc. To combat the unpredictability of this journey called life, you will need to gear up.
You need to look for the additional benefits provided by the various insurance providers and the type of features these benefits carry, for example, daycare, expenditure of an attendant/caretaker, etc. You can explore and analyse the benefits you can get through different added features or insurance for critical illness.

We discussed the perks of health insurance for single mothers. But in no way is it limited to just single parents. Everyone out there requires health insurance to stay monetarily stress-free during difficult phases of life involving health troubles. And with technology, the hassle of buying and renewing insurance is just a matter of a few clicks now! You can purchase or renew health insurance online and be the master of your ship to choose what’s best for you and your family.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.