Six best ways to avoid backaches during car journeys

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Six best ways to avoid backaches during car journeys  25th February 2021


Planning impromptu road trips is always a great way to take some time off and have fun. These days, people like to travel with ease and comfort, so road journeys have become the ideal mode of travel during vacations. However, continuous driving can become uncomfortable and cause various back troubles like backaches, stiffness, numbness, discomfort, nausea, etc.

In this blog, we will discuss the six best ways to avoid backaches during car journeys so you can enjoy your trip to the full extent.

1. Comfort:
Make sure that you are comfortable from the beginning of your trip. Do not keep purses, watches, etc., in your back pocket as it might disturb the alignment of your spine, resulting in discomfort or backache. If you are driving, sit closer to the steering wheel instead of bending or messing up your posture to reach it.

2. Alignment:
Keeping your back aligned to the seat provides comfort while driving. You can add comfortable gear and equipment to help you maintain your back alignment. Roll up a towel and keep it between your back and the seat to maintain the curve of your posture.

3. Smooth rides:
Replace any worn tyres or parts that can cause jerks on the road. Make sure that your ride is as smooth and comfortable as possible. You can use a car seat cushion to help with your sciatica pain.

4. Breaks:
Road journeys require you to sit in the same positions for a longer duration of time which can cause numbness in your legs and back. To avoid the risk of backaches, make sure that you take breaks in the regular intervals of your trip and get out of your car to stretch your whole body. Move around a bit to ensure there is no stiffness.

5. Cold pack:
If you have pre-existing backache issues, it would be good to bring a cold pack for the journey. Backaches can trigger inflammation. Applying cold packs helps reduce inflammation and calm sore and numb tissues. To sustain the temperature of your cold pack, you can carry a cooler in your car and keep reusable ice packs in it.

6. Warmers:
Some people have found that seat warmers help relax the muscles by warming up the lower back. You can use reusable heating pads in place of a pillow that provides lumbar support, heat wraps that last for longer durations, etc., for a comfortable road trip experience without the risk of severe backache.

To avoid backaches, you must take good care of your posture during road journeys. Excessive strain on your body, especially the back, due to continuous driving for hours can affect your physical wellbeing. Follow the above tips to make driving comfortable and less exhausting.

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