Six methods to make your bike's exhaust less noisy

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Six methods to make your bike's exhaust less noisy  28th December 2021


The bike enthusiasts have always wanted the liberty and joy of taking their two-wheeled companion on enchanting rides. To make this happen, your bike needs to go through proper upkeep: regular servicing, oil changes, and up-to-date bike insurance. And although your bike is your beast, does it need to be making that insane amount of racket? Certainly not! Bikes usually start to make noises as they grow older and as the engine and exhaust quality deteriorates due to several factors.

Let's look at a few different ways to make your bike's exhaust less noisy. We will consider it from an economic perspective so that it is not too hard on your pockets.

1. Replacing the existing muffler:
Mufflers play a pivotal role in muting the engine noises. These are specially designed to facilitate the sounds that the engine makes. Replacing the old ones with a better one can help you solve your problems.

2. Patching holes:
Another reason your exhaust might be making noise is rusting, which forms holes in the exhaust. You must give primary care to avoid rust. However, if it does start rusting, the next best alternative is to examine the exhaust for any holes.
The bigger the holes, the louder the noise. Small cavities can be filled using exhaust tapes, while bigger ones can be patched using aluminium scraps. Keep in mind that the patch should be bigger than the cavity so that it overlaps and no space is left unattended.

3. Exhaust wraps:
The basic idea behind exhaust wrap is to reduce the heat. However, its ability to reduce vibrations can also lead to a reduction in sounds. They are readily available in the market. Adding a few fiber-glasses to the titanium ones can significantly reduce the sound.

4. Silencer:
Another foolproof method is using a silencer. As the name suggests, it is used to silence the sound coming out of your exhaust. Just be mindful of getting a silencer with the correct dimensions to fit your exhaust. Always purchase a good quality one that fits the best in your bike's requirements.

5. Switching to new pipes:
This should be the last step in your journey to make your exhaust less noisy. If the tricks mentioned above don't help you, you should consider changing the pipes altogether. This option can be expensive but is an instant solution for the problem.

6. Prevention is better than cure:
Instead of waiting for your bike to start making unbearable noises, it's better to put your bike through regular check-ups and servicing. Getting bike insurance would be ideal considering the various parts that might need replacement or just to breathe easy knowing that your bike is insured against damages.

Try these hacks to lower the rumbling of your bike and go on jolly good rides with your loved ones. Travel safe and drive responsibly. Don't forget to get the bike insured because, along with good care, the shield of good insurance is what your bike demands.

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