Six things to check before you take new car delivery

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Six things to check before you take new car delivery  15th February 2021


Are you taking delivery of your new car? But do you know that there are some prerequisites before signing any papers? Suppose you discover a problem after driving your new car away from the dealership; there are chances your dealer may refuse to take responsibility.

To avoid such a situation and ensure that everything is in working order, set up a pre-delivery inspection checklist and do the due diligence. Also, before you hit the road, be sure you have adequate motor insurance coverage from the best motor insurance company in the event of an accident.

Following is a list of things to look for when you take delivery of your new car.

1. Exteriors of the car:
A car might get damaged while being transported from its manufacturer's facility to a dealership stockyard. Check for dents and scratches, paying particular attention to the bumpers and the sides. In addition, look at the paintwork and the finish. Bring any repaint spots, scratches, or dents to the dealer's attention as soon as you detect them.

2. Check the electrical components:
Inspect and test all of the vehicle's electrical components, such as the lights, power windows, in-car entertainment, and the instrument cluster. When an automobile is left in a stockyard for an extended period, rodents often chew through the wiring, resulting in costly repairs. Furthermore, the battery should not be too old. If it is, ask the salesperson for a copy of its warranty card.

3. Interiors of the car:
After completing the exterior inspection, check the vehicle's carpeting, seats, console, and glovebox. You may check to see any wetness in your carpet by taking off the floor mats. Also, inspect the glasses and mirrors for cracks or scratches.

4. Make sure the tyres are in good condition:
Ensure that the tyres are not older than the car by checking the manufacturing date. A hardened rubber compound in old tyres could reduce road traction and cause them to wear out faster than they should. Also, inspect the spare tyre to ensure it is correctly inflated. Then examine the toolkit to ensure that it contains all the necessary tools.

5. Make sure the A/C is working properly:
Turn on the air conditioning and check how quickly the interior cools down. Vehicles that are parked in the dealer stockyard for long accumulate dust. Dirty air ducts can lead to bacterial growth, which is harmful to human health.

6. Check the engine:
Keep an eye out for indicators of fluid leaks and a damaged engine cover under the bonnet. Examine the fluid levels in your vehicle to ensure that they are at the proper levels for your engine oil, coolant, braking fluid, and windscreen cleaning fluid, among others. Furthermore, the engine compartment should be free of dust and debris.

A brand-new car will rarely cause any difficulties during driving. However, when it comes to maintaining security, ensure that you get comprehensive insurance from the best motor insurance company. Compare different motor insurance plans and select the one that provides you maximum benefits and the best premium. And yes, always take the delivery of your new car in the daylight because you will be able to spot defects, scratches or repair work, if any.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.