Six tips for choosing the right auto repair shop

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Six tips for choosing the right auto repair shop  15th February 2021


Owning an automobile is one of the most rewarding things in life. Going on long road trips, midnight drives, or simply commuting between your office and home, having your own vehicle is sure to make you happy. But like everything, this also comes with its set of challenges. Zeroing down on the best car insurance company in India, and choosing the right auto repair service are just a few of the many things that need your attention.

Selecting an auto repair shop is not only about the care that your car gets but also about the rates, reviews, customer service, and overall experience. It is a good idea to look for options even before your automobile faces any issue so that you already know where to go. Let's look at a few ways to select a reliable auto repair shop.

1. Experience:
Your car's relationship is with the mechanic, not the company. Look at customer reviews online and get to know the mechanic who will be working on your vehicle. Having an experienced mechanic allows you to have peace of mind.

2. Company-specific service provider:
Repair shops that specialise in specific companies have more hands-on training with upgraded instruments and tools. So, it is best to go to a service provider who deals with the same company as you.

3. Online reviews:
Online reviews are a great way to understand the history of the company. More often than not, people tend to leave reviews of bad experiences they have had with the company. Keep in mind that not all companies have a 5-star rating. So going by the reviews and personal entries, you can make an informed decision about what kind of service you require.

4. Estimate pricing:
Solely depending on your car servicing agent might not be a good idea. Asking around in various service centres and mechanic shops, online rates, etc., can be an excellent way to estimate the money you might have to shell out during or after the process.

5. Warranties:
Ask your mechanic about warranties on different parts. This time frame varies from place to place. Having a good warranty period is crucial to ensure better car performance. A warranty ensures that you get a replacement free of cost.

6. Off-site services:
Sometimes, your car can break down during your journey. Under these circumstances, having your service provider's support will make it easier to avoid further damage. Before signing up for the services, talk to the staff and understand if they are willing to service your vehicle outside of the service centre. Having this added benefit goes a long way and ensures the credibility of your repair shop.

You need to keep these points in mind while choosing your repair shop. Having the right mechanic work on your car is a boon for you and your vehicle. Poor servicing can lead to poor performance and be costly in the longer run. To save yourself from the extra expenditure, it is an excellent option to first look for the best car insurance company in India. Car insurance can offer a bundle of exclusive benefits useful during unexpected mishaps.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.