Six tips for people travelling internationally for the first time

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Six tips for people travelling internationally for the first time  13th June 2022


What can be more exciting than travelling internationally for the first time? No matter how much you have travelled within your country, crossing the borders to explore a new nation, its culture, lifestyle, and cuisine is always an exciting experience to cherish.

The number of outbound travellers flying out to foreign destinations has shown significant growth after the ease of global travel restrictions post Covid-19. The travel ecosystem is again flourishing with inbound and outbound tourism, leading to re-establish the harmony in travel relations among various countries.

However, as a first-time traveller, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind to make your experience more hassle-free and less daunting. This article will look at a few tips to help you have a successful first international trip.

1. Sort your passport:

The most important document that you need to have is a passport. Ideally, get your passport work done before you even begin planning your trip. However, the Indian government has facilitated “Tatkal” passports if you require a passport urgently. Under this scheme, you can get a passport between two to four days. Remember to keep a digital and a physical copy of your passport with you.
You must present your passport at security checks, immigration, and even at various hotels for identification purposes.

2. Visa process:

Make sure to check the visa requirements of the visiting country before booking tickets. Several countries offer visa-free access or visas on arrival to Indian passport holders. Visa on arrival is a procedure where a visa is provided to people upon arrival in the destination country rather than applying for it before flying.
Countries such as Maldives, Hong Kong, and Mauritius do not require visas for Indian passports. While, countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, etc., have a visa on arrival facility for Indian passport holders.

3. Money and Currency:

Many banks offer you international transactions and withdrawal facilities. Check your bank and understand their requirements, such as international fees, currency exchange rates, and ATM withdrawal fees. Carry some physical money during your trips. Withdraw a significant amount of cash from the airport to skip ATM fees.

4. Accommodation:

We have always heard people talk about the exorbitant rates of hotels and local transportation. Booking your accommodation at the last minute can be expensive. Instead, book at least a couple of months before your trip to get the best deals on good properties. Look for hotels that provide complementary services such as breakfast and Wi-Fi for maximum benefits.
If you are travelling with a group, your ideal choice would be to book a dormitory. You can stock the fridge here with food and groceries from nearby supermarkets, thus significantly cutting your accommodation and food expenses.

5. Transport:

Avoid booking taxis and rentals beforehand. After reaching your destination, download local transport and rental apps to avoid swindling. Travelling on local buses and trains is an excellent way to interact with the locals and other travellers.

6. Safety first:

It is highly important to keep yourself safe, be in your hotel or while travelling. Do not leave your bag and wallets lying around in cafes or public spaces. A crossbody bag is a must for passports and wallets. Keep the emergency contact details in your bag, especially when you're travelling with kids and aged people.
To have an extra layer of safety, look for a general insurance company that provides you with a comprehensive travel cover. This will safeguard you against expenses you might face because of theft, delayed flights, overbooked hotels, etc.

These are a few ways to make your first international trip successful and enjoyable. Do thorough research on the places you want to go, the cost, and your flight timing to avoid long queues. And as mentioned, do not forget to look for a general insurance company that suits your needs for that extra guarantee of a safe trip. First-timers’ trips are always special, and you, too, might want your first international trip to be your best memory.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.