Six ways to reduce your lower back pain while riding a bike

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Six ways to reduce your lower back pain while riding a bike  25th December 2021


Whether you ride as a passionate biker or for daily commuting purposes, it can be hard on your back. Riding for extended periods can make a rider's body stiff and affect their stance. If you don't maintain your riding position correctly, you might suffer severe back discomfort.

Little things, such as workouts to strengthen your back, taking breaks during long rides, and practicing proper posture, can help motorcycle riders with back pain conditions. Here are some ways to secure your back from suffering and reduce pain while riding a bike.

1. Fix your posture:
One way of avoiding back discomfort during riding is to be more observant of how you're seated and take a few additional steps to prevent backaches. For example, try to keep your back straight and avoid a hunching posture by lining up your shoulders over your waist and making a conscious effort to arch your shoulders a little backward.

2. Exercise to strengthen back and core:
Maintain your core muscle strength and lessen the pressure on your spine by doing back strengthening exercises regularly. A simple set of home exercises such as knee-to-chest stretch, lower back rotational stretch, shoulder blade squeeze, and sitting lower back rotational stretch, as well as yoga asanas like the Bridge Pose or Cat Pose, can help significantly.

3. Take stretching breaks:
Do some easy stretches at long traffic lights or in heavy jams during your ride. Or pull over for a rest and stretch if you're on a long journey. Basic stretches like rotating your neck and shoulders, arching your back front and backward, bending down to touch your toes, counter stretching, and relaxing your torso sideways will help to get relief from backaches.

4. Switch positions often:
A cause of chronic injury, such as back discomfort, is repeated, cumulative stress that causes tissue damage. Sitting in the same posture for extended hours raises the chance of developing risk. Give your body rest from time to time.

5. Pay attention to the amount of riding:
Back discomfort can sometimes be caused by doing too much too quickly. Since biking requires minimal effort, it's tempting to get carried away and ride longer than our supporting muscles are trained to handle. Take it easy on yourself and avoid impulsive travels.

6. Examine your riding style:
At last, your riding technique might induce an ache in the lower back. The tension on your back varies depending on the angle of your back while riding. Bikers who use giant gears, especially while ascending, may have lower back pain.

Regardless of our daily activities, looking after our spine is critical for everyone. As fun as riding is, it can also be exhausting with severe back pain conditions if not done correctly. Follow the above tips religiously to keep your back fit and avoid unwanted aches and pains. Just like your body needs attention, so does your bike. Before hopping on your bike, ensure that you have protected your two-wheeler with proper bike insurance.

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