Sleep syncing is the permanent solution for poor sleep habits

Sleep syncing is the permanent solution for poor sleep habits  27th March 2023

Quality sleep immensely affects your daily life and good health. Your sleep cycle determines everything from your mind to your physical well-being. If you lack adequate sleep, you can experience stress, fatigue, irritability, anxiety, headaches, and even depression. Things can sometimes get out of hand for you.

Lack of sleep can affect your personal as well as professional life. In a fast-paced world, getting sound sleep has become challenging. Adhering to a sleep schedule that works for you is even more difficult. There are many ways to get your sleep cycle back. From playing serene music to meditation and reading, anything can work out for you.

One such method is: sleep syncing. It is a comparatively new concept that has come in. It has been derived from sleep experts who have studied sleep patterns for decades now. With sleep syncing, you regain your regular sleep cycle. Let's learn more about sleep syncing here:

What is sleep syncing?
Sleep syncing refers to keeping your circadian cycle in check. The circadian cycle is the sleep-wake cycle of your body that takes place across the span of 24 hours. It is affected by various factors, including hormones like melatonin and even sunlight.

With sleep syncing, you give your sleep-wake cycle a gentle nudge. This way, your body will sleep when it's meant to. It will ensure better sleep, more energy, a good mood, and a healthy body.

How to practice sleep syncing?
There are many ways and means by which you can practice sleep syncing. They are as follows:

1. Fix a schedule
Having a timetable is necessary. You must set a designated time for sleeping and waking up daily. You can then align all your activities around the same. You can use a sleep tracker to find out your sleep length initially. Once you are sure, work out a schedule and set your alarm accordingly. You can also set a bedtime routine. It can include skincare, reading, meditation, light yoga, or even journaling.

2. Get sunlight
Sunlight plays a pivotal role in establishing your circadian cycle. When you wake up, ensure you get enough sunlight for your body. You can gently walk or stand in the sunlight after waking up. Pulling off your curtains and waking up to sunlight can be effective too. It helps fix your sleep cycle and even boost productivity.

3. Consume less caffeine
Do not incorporate a lot of caffeine in your daily routine. Caffeine can throw you off your circadian cycle and cause immense harm. Although caffeine effectively boosts energy, it can keep you up at night. If you consume tea or coffee late in the evening, it will keep you awake till late. You need to switch to decaf if you are addicted to caffeine.

4. Avoid gadgets
If you use your phone or laptop excessively before bed, you can find it difficult to fall asleep. It can disturb the production of sleep hormones in your body. It is advised not to use phones an hour before your sleep time.

Sleep syncing is one of the most effective tools to fix your sleep cycle. It has been proven effective for many people across the globe. You can try the aforementioned pointers for yourself to get the desired results. Also, remember you should always have online health insurance to keep you covered.

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