Steps to take care after a firecracker accident

Steps to take care after a firecracker accident  21st July 2022

We all have enjoyed either bursting firecrackers at the festival of Diwali or watching firecrackers on different celebratory occasions. They are mesmerising and create a view that holds the entire audience together. The beautiful patterns they generate in the sky, the vibrant colours, the sound, the light- everything livens up the vibe and brings happiness to people no matter where they might watch.

While firecrackers are a lot of fun to watch and play with, they are quite dangerous to handle. You need to be aware of the consequences they might have. But there are times when, due to no fault of your own or the designated person handling the crackers, you might have a minor or a significant slip-up and can get hurt. Are you looking for more information on how to treat such injuries after the entire episode? Go through the pointers below and find something to help you handle the injury better. Let's start!

1. Pat down gently:
If someone's clothes catch fire, you need to pat them down gently or roll them up in a blanket to avoid the fire from spreading to other parts of the clothes and the body. Using the blanket or patting them down cuts down the oxygen supply for brief moments, which would help dial down the fire. .

2. Check for burns:
Determine the level of burns the firecracker accident caused. Skin acts as a defence wall between the organs and the fire but if the layers of the skin are severely damaged, immediately rush to the hospital. If the burn looks manageable, clean the area using non-irritable antiseptic liquids and a soft cloth or cotton pad.
Once appropriately cleaned, apply burn-related ointments (for example, Neosporin) and let it dry or wrap the area lightly with bandages. If you are rushing to the hospital, it is better to leave the wound open.

3. Use water first:
Water helps cool down the burnt area, helps in relaxing, and gives a numbing break from the heat and pain. Wash the burnt site before you go ahead with the cleaning and the first aid procedure.

4. Burnt clothes can get stuck:
Fire accidents can cause your clothes to stick to your skin while they are on fire. Do not hurry and try to rip off the burnt part of the clothes. Chances are they are charred and stuck to your skin. Ripping them off like a bandaid might backfire as they can cause skin damage to the burnt area. This might further increase the injury level and cause bleeding and pain escalation.

5. How to treat the scarring:
Often, severe burns cause scarring on your skin, which can be difficult to eliminating. In such cases, you need to use some recommended ointments (refer to your dermatologist) and use an adequate amount of sunblock or sunscreen creams that will suit your skin type without adversely affecting your injuries.

6. Protect the burn from dust:
Dust particles might settle on the scab of your wounds or burns. While they might not noticeably cause damage to the skin if you don't have skin allergies. They can cause irritation and burning sensation as your skin is quite damaged, and the external layers might have worn off due to the injury.

It would be best if you were extremely careful around firecrackers. No matter how much fun they are to watch and play with, a certain degree of safety has to be maintained to avoid accidents. The tips mentioned above were some steps to take care of after a firecracker accident. You need to be watchful about your safety. Get a personal accident insurance policy for yourself and your loved ones to add a layer of protection against these mishaps and stay stress-free monetarily. Enjoyment is necessary, but not at the expense of risking your life. Stay safe while handling firecrackers!

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.