Storing your motorcycle for a short term? Follow these tips to keep it safe

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Storing your motorcycle for a short term? Follow these tips to keep it safe  20th December 2021


Are you going for a long holiday break? Or the winters are around the corner, and it’s just not your season to ride. Whatever the reason might be, there comes a time in every biker’s life where he has to store his two-wheeler for a while. The duration can be long or short, depending on the reason.

Bike storage might sound like just parking your bike in your garage and putting a cover over it until you use it. You can simply do that, but it can cost you a hefty price if certain factors are not considered. Properly storing your bike is crucial if you’re not operating it for a considerable duration. Here are a few tips that you can imply to keep your two-wheeled companion safe.

1. Give it a good wash:
The dust and dirt sitting on your bike’s body can ruin the metal over time. Make sure you wash it properly using an automobile shampoo and a sponge. After the wash, don't forget to dry it manually as soon as possible. If the water rests on the surface of your bike, that can be a problem too.

2. Lubricate the components:
Because of ever-changing atmospheric conditions, components like chains, cables, springs are susceptible to corrosion, especially when the bike is left motionless for an extended period. You can prevent rusting by lubricating the components with anti-corrosion solutions.

3. Let’s come to the battery:
If you are going to be around, you can start the bike at periodic intervals to retain the charge. If not, then removing the battery is the best option. And if you decide to remove it, keep it in a place where the temperature does not fluctuate.

4. Don't drain the fuel tank:
A full tank is required to keep moisture from accumulating on the tank walls. There are a lot of posts suggesting you need to drain off the tank before storage. But if you drain the tank, you need to layer the tank walls with fogging oil to prevent rust. So it is better to fill the tank up and add a fuel stabilizer to it.

5. Change the oil and replace the filter:
Old oil sitting in storage can damage engine components, making it unsuitable for vehicles that will be stored for more than a month. Change the oil and replace the filter after you've given the bike one last ride and filled up the petrol.

6. Check on your insurance:
Apart from physical preparation, it would be best to double-check your bike insurance. Check the expiration details and ensure it doesn't expire while in storage. Because you still want to be insured in case of theft or fire, it's not a good idea to cancel or let your motorbike insurance expire while it's not in use. Renew your bike insurance online even when you are away with just a few clicks. It’s quicker than topping up your fuel tank.

Additional Tips:

• Park the bike on the center stand.

• Use a good quality cover.

• Empty all the storage compartments.

• Choose a well-ventilated storage place.

• Ensure pest control of the parking area.

• Keep the tyre pressure in check. Ideally, fill the tyres up to 80%.

Whatever your motivation for storing your motorbike might be, how you prepare it for storage will significantly influence its performance in the future. If you're unsure of the duration of storing, it is preferable to over-prepare for storage. Also, consult with your mechanic to guide you in the right direction with more handy tips.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.