Tech may not be the best solution to expand the Indian policyholder base

Tech may not be the best solution to expand the Indian policyholder base  14th March 2023

Even though the Indian insurance market has been expanding quickly in recent years, just about 3% of Indians currently have life insurance. Increasing the base of policyholders is essential to ensure that more people are sheltered from financial shocks. Although technology has been suggested as the answer to this issue, it may not be the most effective strategy to increase the number of Indian policyholders. This blog will discuss how tech may not be the best solution to expand the Indian policyholder base. So, without any further delay, let's get started.

1. Accessibility is still an issue:
As it is frequently out of range for significant portions of the population, technology may not be the most incredible way to increase the number of Indian policyholders. Despite India's tremendous internet expansion, many residents of rural areas still need access to smartphones and the internet.
The most successful way to communicate with these people is still through conventional media like newspapers, radio, and television. There is a substantial digital divide between tech adepts and those who are not. For instance, older individuals may need help navigating online insurance platforms, and individuals who do not speak English well may need help understanding the language used in many online insurance policies.

2. Price is one of the primary reasons:
Technology can be expensive to develop and maintain, which is another reason why there might be better ways to increase the number of policyholders. For smaller insurance companies, it might be too expensive to spend on technology, software development, and cybersecurity to build and manage online insurance platforms.
Insurance companies might also need to engage specialised personnel to operate the platforms, raising expenses even more. When costs like these are eventually passed on to customers through higher premiums, insurance becomes less affordable and less available to those who need it.

3. Lack of trust and belief in the insurance providers:
Additionally, there may be better uses of technology than fostering public confidence in insurance. Many individuals in India continue to be cautious of insurance companies and doubt their motives. This distrust is frequently based on prior instances where insurance companies have allegedly broken their commitments or failed to live up to their pledges. Personal interactions, open communication, and moral conduct are necessary for fostering trust and confidence in the insurance industry. Technology can undoubtedly make some of these encounters easier, but it cannot replace the value of human interaction, especially when fostering trust.

4. Absence of proper awareness and information:
Since technology tends to overlook the significance of insurance education, there might be better answers. Educating the public about the advantages and importance of life insurance is essential to increase the number of policyholders. Understanding the many insurance policy types, the coverage they provide, and how to pick the one that best suits their needs can all be achieved with insurance education.
The value of in-person interactions with trained insurance agents who can answer questions, offer guidance and help people choose the best policy cannot be replaced by technology, even though it can help deliver this education through online tutorials, webinars, and other digital resources.

What could be some probable solutions to this issue?

Policymakers may concentrate on enhancing life insurance education and awareness initiatives, particularly in rural areas. Offering financial incentives to those who buy insurance policies, including tax savings, may encourage people to enrol in insurance. Insurance companies may also consider partnering with banks, post offices, or non-governmental groups to reach a larger audience as an additional distribution channel.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.