Ten best tips for female travellers to ensure safety while travelling

Ten best tips for female travellers to ensure safety while travelling  27th June 2022

We all are aware of the saying “safety comes first”. And while travelling can provide you with the adventures and experiences of a lifetime, it is essential to ensure your safety during your trips. Having fun should not come at the cost of risking your safety. It would be best if you were watchful about several things while on the road to your destination. Always be mindful of the safety concerns and risks while planning your stay and an itinerary.

And when it comes to female travellers, there is no doubt that they need to be extra careful about their safety. Many travel groups are curated just for women so that they will feel safe and can travel without any looming fear or stress. Are you a female traveller taking your first solo trip or someone who is looking for specific safety tips and reminders?

This blog will discuss the best tips for female travellers to ensure safety while travelling. Let’s get started:

1. Be thorough with the online reviews of the hotels or homestays you might consider booking for your travel. If you find something fishy or if any review seems “too good to be true”, or if there are any “fake indications” in the study, refrain from booking a room in that particular hotel.

2. Go through the maps and existing itineraries of your travel route and destination. See what fits your budget, look for safety directions, and search for how people felt about that particular experience. And then make a decision.

3. Always keep your emergency contacts informed. Let them be aware of your location and stay calm if you land up in an unforeseen circumstance. Call for help in case of an emergency.

4. Keep the police’s number: 100 on the speed dial so you can use it if necessary.

5. Always keep pepper spray and other legal safety equipment you can use in times of distress. You must know how to use them and avoid being casual and playful about them.

6. Avoid visiting shady places you feel are not safe during the night time. Make sure to get acquainted with people and families in your hotel, so you do not feel alone. Get their contact details so you can use them in an emergency.

7. Learning the local language and a few important words will help you communicate with the locals in case you land up in a problematic situation. You should pick up commonly used terms to help you with the interaction.

8. Packing light is essential. This will help you in better planning and easy travel. Carrying excessive weight will be difficult for you while commuting from one place to another. You can ensure the safety of your valuables by leaving them in the hotel.

9. Learning self-defence for future trips would benefit you greatly in times of distress. It will also help you gain the confidence to travel alone.

10. You can opt for all women travel groups, public transport and staying facilities to ensure you are comfortable and feel safe throughout your trip.

These were some of the best tips for female travellers. Include them in your travel checklist to ensure your safety while not compromising on the fun. And while we are already talking about female safety during travel, it would be a wise option to talk about safeguarding yourself against unprecedented mishaps you might land up in through no fault of your own.

In this case, insurance helps. Make insurance a part of your travel essential. You can explore different personal accident insurance plans and research their benefits. You can purchase personal accident insurance online and stand a chance to get discounts with lower premiums and hassle-free buying procedures.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.