Ten motorcycle tips for women riders

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Ten motorcycle tips for women riders  28th December 2021


Throughout the years, a large percentage of women have taken up motorcycle riding as a passion. With the number of riders rapidly increasing, this hobby is no longer associated with one gender. A little hand in organizing goes a long way. From a newbie rider to a professional, we have developed a list of valuable suggestions that can help women riders.

1. Choose the correct gear:
Wearing the right accessories is one of the preventative strategies. To begin, ensure you have a properly fitting full-face helmet. Purchasing these items is well worth the money since it will protect you from unfortunate mishaps.

2. Tie your hair correctly:
Women with longer hair should not leave it untied while riding. Loose hair can disturb your vision or cause discomfort, which can be disturbing when handling the bars. Tie your hair in an appropriate way to get an uninterrupted riding experience.

3. Ride at your ease:
Even if you are a seasoned rider, riding at your own pace is critical. Some aspects, including seat height, riding stance, and suitable clothing, might have a severe influence on your riding.

4. Deal with the mechanic smartly:
Firstly, go to the garage only if the problem seems severe and out of your control. Try fixing it by yourself. If not, then you may take your bike to the mechanic. Some mechanics try to fool female riders and charge more than the standard pricing for the repairs. Acquaint yourself with the knowledge of bikes and their parts to avoid getting scammed by such people.

5. Learn the basics of maintaining your bike:
It is beneficial to understand how to keep your bike in shape to improve efficiency. You will be better acquainted with your motorbike while also saving some bucks.

6. It is preferable to wear snug-fitting clothes:
Avoiding loose garments is one of the most significant factors. Your loose clothing may increase the chances of getting caught on something due to the rapid pace. To prevent this, you can wear sleek, comfy clothing.

7. Get your registration and licence:
Two vital considerations are a bike registration certificate and a driver's licence. Make sure you have a valid driver's licence before riding a motorcycle.

8. Begin your journey on a small bike:
A general recommendation is that you begin your biking experience on a small bike, with which you may acquire a fundamental understanding of motorbikes. Eventually, you can choose whatever bike you like.

9. Plan your routes:
Plan beforehand if you want to spend a good deal of time on back roads or highways where you can cover more ground in less time. Remember that even if a highway does not offer you the scenery you hoped for, planning is always safer and will get you to your destination sooner.

10. Have your bike insured:
2 wheeler insurance is also a must for your bike. Third-party insurance is made a compulsion for a motorcycle under the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988. Remember to keep your 2 wheeler insurance policy active by updating it before it lapses.

Despite being a beginner rider or a pro, it is equally vital to consider the safety requirements to minimize unanticipated incidents. These aforementioned riding tips for women will be beneficial throughout your adventure.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.