The best car accessories and extensions that can safeguard your vehicle from damages

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The best car accessories and extensions that can safeguard your vehicle from damages  25th February 2021


Several car owners consider their vehicle to be an expression of themselves. Car enthusiasts may pick aesthetic modifications for their beloved vehicle in the same way a person chooses particular outfits to showcase the style quotient.

Remember, having automobile protection accessories may help prevent any slight or significant wear and tear that occurs over time. Such accessories will undoubtedly keep your vehicle spotless, increase its longevity, and add value to your car.

However, you must strike the correct balance between aesthetic and practical modifications so that your vehicle stands out in terms of both elegance and convenience. Here are several useful and practical extensions to enhance your vehicle's overall quality.

1. Additional fog lamps:
When the primary headlights fail, the extra fog lights turn on. These are primarily helpful if the battery is dead and no other power source is available. They also use the braking system to minimise acceleration in certain circumstances, leading to a lower speed when the vehicle meets an obstacle and preventing it from veering off the road.

2. Side moulding on the body:
This is an excellent option for vehicle owners who wish to armour their cars and protect them from knocks and dents on the road. The resilient material is elastic enough to absorb the impact of slamming car doors against your side. When buying a body side moulding, you can pick from various designs and colour choices to enhance the appearance of your car's exterior.

3. Tyre-pressure monitor:
Some individuals are picky about certain aspects, while others are not. A tyre pressure monitor set could interest you if you fall into the first group. Your car's tyres should always be in perfect condition, and this device guarantees that they have the correct pressure for travel. If there is a deviation, the monitor will notify you to remedy the problem.

4. Grill protectors:
A strong grill shield protects the front of the car from severe damage caused by pebbles, tall grass, and anything that it may kick up. It can also secure the driver and passengers in minor accidents or collisions with other vehicles or wildlife.

5. Jump starters:
A jump starter may serve as a backup power source when your four-wheeler's battery fails. If you like taking long road trips, it is advisable to have a jump starter tool kit in your car. This equipment becomes even more important when driving on frigid terrains or secluded locations.

6. Hydraulic jack:
Always keep a hydraulic jack handy in your vehicle. This mechanical tool can be of great help when you need to change the tyre in case of a puncture. A hydraulic jack can reduce the mechanical effort involved in tilting or lifting the vehicle.

You can select from a plethora of accessory packages and accessible alternatives to further safeguard your four-wheeler. However, before purchasing protective gear, examine how you will operate them for the best benefit of your car's safety and needs.

Aside from protective extras such as tyre pressure monitoring, keyless locking, and additional bumpers, protecting your car with motor insurance is an investment that will surely pay off in the long term. It will provide you with a hassle-free car experience without jeopardising your safety. Therefore, look for the best motor insurance company in India to protect your car, yourself and other drivers on the road.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.