The best destinations in India to enjoy the new year vacation with family

The best destinations in India to enjoy the new year vacation with family  30th November 2022

Spending time with your family is an underrated form of therapy. It is the need of the hour with busy schedules, building work pressure, and the growing need to perform better and be indispensable at your workspace. However, with such heightened expectations, burnout is inevitable. In such times, a getaway with your loved ones works like a charm to rejuvenate yourself and develop stronger bonds.

The New Year is the perfect time to plan a vacation with your family. With schools, offices, and other institutes allowing winter break, it is the ideal time to explore a new destination or revisit old memories at a place you've been to. However, deciding the place is always the most challenging part.

Are you looking for adventure, tranquillity, or immersive activities? No matter your requirement, we've got it all covered in our list of the best places to enjoy your new year vacation in India. Always purchase general insurance to cover any accidental losses during your travel.

1. Ooty, Karnataka:
If you want to celebrate quality time with family amidst nature and live in the present rather than party, Ooty is the best destination for your vacation. Its lush greenery, plantations, multiple lakes to experience boating, quaint architecture, and pleasant weather make it a great place to picnic and relax.

2. Auli, Uttarakhand:
A must-visit for adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers alike, Auli has gained popularity over the years. The hill station hosts various skiing competitions during the winter months, making it the best time to try your luck at the sport.

3. Sikkim:
While the Northeast ravishes over the snow in the mountains, the region is also home to vast greenery and some exhilarating activities for the entire family. Boasting lush valleys, deep-rooted heritage, and the awe-inspiring beauty of nature, Sikkim also has Tibetan influence, making for an extraordinary cross-cultural experience.

4. Goa:
It is not a stretch to call Goa as the country's party capital. Gifted with long beaches, Portuguese-influenced cuisine, and party spots like no other, Goa has something to offer for people of all age groups with varied interests. Plan the most thrilling New Year bash with family and friends on the vibrant coastline of Goa and immerse yourself in an unmissable travel experience.

5. Udaipur, Rajasthan:
While Rajasthan is a popular place to visit in the winter, the footfall during the New Year celebrations is exceptionally high. Home to beautiful handicrafts, expanses of desert, well-preserved ancient forts, and rich culture, Udaipur gives off a royal feel and provides the best Rajasthani cuisine that caters to the diverse tastes of travellers from all parts of the nation.

6. Pondicherry:
Also known as Puducherry, a stay in the city provides the best of all things you may wish to experience. You can find adventure sports, quaint streets, beautiful French-influenced architecture, and the Auroville, all in the same place.

7. Malvan, Maharashtra:
Malvan is the best place to visit if you love beaches but wish to avoid crowds and enjoy a more private celebration with your family. The town boasts of providing similar experiences as Goa during the New year celebrations, but at a smaller scale. You can enjoy a happening time savouring lip-smacking Malvani cuisine and enthralling water-sports activities.

A new year vacation is the best way to bid farewell to the year that went past and reminisce memories while preparing for the upcoming year. Our recommendations include various options for people of different interests that allow you to spend cheerful time with your family, engage in authentic experiences, and enter the new year with a blast. Before choosing the location, always ensure that your general insurance provides robust travel coverage against the contingent expenses you may incur in case of any mishaps.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.