The best hacks to include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet

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The best hacks to include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet  15th September 2022

Fresh fruits and vegetables are a rich source of vitamins and minerals and help the body to develop immunity and resistance against several chronic diseases.

You can lose weight by making fresh fruits and vegetables an integral part of your diet because they are low in calories. We can use them as a substitute for other high-calorie food. Moreover, they can be used for munching in between meals. We will not feel hungry quickly and eat the next meal lightly.

Despite so many advantages of fresh fruits and vegetables, we often avoid making them a part of our daily routine. Let us go through the best hacks that can help us include fresh fruits and vegetables in our diet without apprehension.

1. Substitute:
Substitute the unhealthy junk food on your plate with fresh fruits and vegetables. First, fill at least 10% of your plate with fresh fruits and vegetables. Increase this percentage as you develop an appetite and taste for them.

2. Top up your junk food:
Top up your junk food like burgers and pizzas with loads of fresh fruits and vegetables. We can easily add chopped vegetables to the burger stuffing. We can add loads of tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms, garlic, etc., to pizzas, toppings, and even pasta. They will taste great and especially your children will love them!

3. Be innovative:
Bring Innovation to your food preparation by adding fresh fruits in yogurt, curd, custard, and cereals. Quietly add strawberries or blueberries to muffins and pancakes, advertise them as something special to your children and see how they will gobble them. Make innovative sandwiches and omelets by putting in extra veggies.
Make meals by using something like a sweet potato. Even the children will love it, which will be a great source of carbohydrates. We do not eat large portions of vegetables such as broccoli, no matter how nutritious they are. But we can increase its intake by adding them to our soups, curry, or even pasta.

4. Clean out or hide your junk stock:
We eat what we see. This is true, especially with kids. If they find them at home, you cannot stop them from eating junk food like chips, biscuits, wafers, noodles, etc. Completely clear away your junk food cabinet so your children cannot get hold of them and be tempted to eat them. If there is no junk food at home, they will have time to develop an appetite for fresh fruits between meals. Also, they will have space for eating fresh vegetables during meals.

5. Try making new purchases:
Never shy away from trying a new fruit or vegetable that you see in a store or supermarket. Do your research before buying them. Experimenting with fruits and vegetables can surprisingly be a good adventure.

6. Start having a fruit milkshake or smoothie:
Shakes and smoothies are one of the best alternatives to consuming fruits. Start having fresh fruit juice, shake, or a smoothie of loads of fruits. You may even add a few dry fruits and nuts to enhance the taste and nourishment.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are essential for our health and fitness. The above hacks can help us to increase their intake in our diets. This will result in better health and lower your risk of developing inflammation, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

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