The best reasons why it is beneficial to fill your bike’s tyres with nitrogen

The best reasons why it is beneficial to fill your bike’s tyres with nitrogen  31st October 2022

Filling your bike’s tyres with nitrogen will help you to maintain proper tyre pressure, which ensures that it runs smoothly under all riding conditions and terrains. Moreover, you can cover more distance per litre of fuel and considerably save on running costs. Also, correct tyre pressure ensures a better grip on the roads, which minimises the chances of a mishap.

You can also use compressed air to fill your bike tyres. One usually faces a dilemma of which one is better and why. In this blog, let us go through why filling your bike tyres with nitrogen is beneficial.

1. Longevity:
Compressed air seeps out of tyres much faster than nitrogen. While nitrogen usually stays in the tyres for almost a month, compressed air stays only for 10-15 days. Hence, if you fill your bike tyres with nitrogen, you will need to inflate them less frequently. Tyres will stay in shape for more days, saving you money and effort from continuously inflating the tyres.

2. Constant and uniform pressure:
Riding often during hot summer afternoons can increase the risk of a tyre bursting. The compressed air inside the tyre becomes very hot due to the high temperature. There is a higher level of water and oxygen in compressed air, which reacts with an increase in temperature. The air pressure increases due to heat, causing the tyre to burst.
Nitrogen is drier than regular compressed air and helps to retain constant and uniform pressure inside the tyre. It is more stable than compressed air and does not get heated up as quickly as regular air. Hence, the air pressure inside the tyre stays in control and does not shoot up with the heat. There is a much lesser chance of a tyre burst if it is filled with nitrogen.

3. Mix and go:
You don’t have to worry about refilling your bike tyre with nitrogen only every time you go for your tyre inflation. Compressed air and nitrogen can be mixed. Hence, you can always get your bike tyre filled with compressed air if nitrogen is not available around you. Also, nitrogen seeps out very slowly from your tyres in case of a puncture. You get sufficient time to get to a refilling station.

4. Savings:
Using nitrogen to fill your bike tyres helps save substantially on wear and tear costs. As mentioned, nitrogen keeps the tyres in good shape. It causes lesser rubber damage due to fatigue, and tyres last much longer. Also, nitrogen does not rust the metal tyre rim. Oxygen in the regular compressed air starts reacting with the moisture present in it, resulting in oxidation and rusting. So, with the use of nitrogen, the rim also lasts much longer, helping you save a lot of money in the long run.

Refilling our tyres with nitrogen is definitely more expensive than regular compressed air. But the overall benefits of using nitrogen are much more in the long run. We get a stable ride with a better grip and improved efficiency.

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