The best tips to clean the exhaust system of your car

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The best tips to clean the exhaust system of your car  14th February 2022


Owning a car can be a thrilling experience, but it also comes with a lot of responsibility. Your car needs to go through frequent servicing and care to avoid unwanted breakdowns and troubles. People make great efforts to keep their vehicles in the best condition inside out. Scheduling servicing, getting car insurance, ensuring the proper tyre pressure are all things every car owner is familiar with. However, one thing that is often neglected is your car's exhaust system.

Cleaning your exhaust plays a vital role in the upkeep of your vehicle. The exhaust is responsible for expelling the harmful gases generated by your car due to combustion and reducing noise pollution. Unfortunately, during the release of these fumes, some particles are left inside the pipe as residue. This decreases the performance of the exhaust and hinders the optimum functionality of your car. Hence, it is vital to give your exhaust the extra care it deserves.

Here we'll be looking at a few ways to clean your exhaust so that you can prevent your car from troubling you in the future.

1. Water wash:
During combustion, water settles on the exhaust. This is the leading cause of corrosion. Cleaning the exhaust with water helps remove the rust. Going in again with soap and water ensures no other sediments are left but will lead to corrosion later. Use a clean, dry cloth to get rid of any moisture left on the outside of the exhaust. Next, use a brush with an extended arm to penetrate deep into the pipe's insides and ensure proper cleaning.

2. Degreasing:
Using a heavy-duty degreaser inside and outside the exhaust helps break down carbon and rust. After some time, use steel wool to remove the collected sediments.

3. Polishing:
After the preliminary cleaning of the exhaust, it is now time for some metal polish. Polish adds an extra layer between the surface of the exhaust and the atmosphere. This significantly delays the corrosion of the exhaust and helps extend its longevity.

4. Stainless steel exhaust:
The best option is to opt for a stainless steel exhaust pipe. They do not rust and also prevent carbon development.

5. Go to the service station:
While the steps mentioned above help take care of your exhaust system, sometimes your vehicle might be facing more complex problems. One such issue is a failing catalytic converter. An exhaust emission control device prevents the highly toxic fumes from getting out through the tailpipe. It converts the toxic air into less harmful fumes to reduce pollution levels.

However, cleaning a catalytic converter is much more complex than cleaning exhaust pipes. Hence, it is advised to go to your service centre to ensure safe and effective cleaning of the converter.

These are a few ways to take care of your exhaust systems. However, there might be instances where your vehicle needs more than just instant home solutions, which is why you should consider adding value to your car by investing in car insurance.

Having car insurance saves you from worrying about all the extra expenses you might encounter while getting its maintenance and servicing done regularly.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.