The best ways to clean the difficult corners or sections of your house

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The best ways to clean the difficult corners or sections of your house  20th June 2022


Your house might look clean, but is it completely dust-free? If you look closely in those corners, you will realise how much dirt has piled up. The filth in the tricky corners of your house is hard to clean and might eventually result in health issues due to the lack of hygiene.

Dust allergies are the most common problems faced in such situations. It becomes difficult for an allergy-prone person to live a normal lifestyle amidst unclean living premises. If you ignore cleaning dirty sections of your home, then it creates clutter. This impacts mental and physical health, affecting your behaviour, work, etc.

Having discussed some downsides of dust accumulation in the nook and corners of your house, it is essential to understand the solutions to the already identified problem. This blog will discuss the best ways to clean the problematic corners or sections of your house, so it remains clean and hygienic.

1. Be watchful about those spiderwebs:

Spider webs can be the bane of cleaning. They are challenging to remove and grow even in the narrowest corners of the house. The sticky spider webs also impact the appliances like fans that are often not cleaned.
You can use a dusting cloth with an extendable arm or handle to reach high and deep corners of your house. The cloth fibre will collect and clean the dust instead of scattering it around.

2. High cupboards and cabinets:

Cleaning the upper surface of high drawers, cupboards and cabinets is tough to perform. You will need a ladder and equipment which can pivot. This would help you reach far away corners and edges of the surfaces of various furniture.
You can use a microfibre or dusting cloth to clean the cupboards and cabinets so that the dust does not get scattered. Cleaning fluid can be formulated by mixing up dishwashing liquid, water, and ammonia commonly used in households. This can give you cleaner and shinier surfaces.

3. Cleaning the sinkholes:

All the remaining leftovers from your plates are usually accumulated in the sinkholes. If the size of the bits is less than the holes, they pass through the pipes. If not, they end up on the surface of the sink. It also results in the unnecessary clogging of the drainage pipes.
If not taken care of, they might release bad odour and even attract insects. You can use rubber gloves to remove the leftovers from the sinkholes and use cold running water to clean. Using baking soda or citrus peels to remove the foul odour is a good home remedy for sink issues.

4. Don't forget the washroom crannies:

Whenever you go to the washroom, take a closer look at the crannies. You will see spots that are difficult to remove. If not cleaned in time, these spots can get stubborn and are impossible to eliminate.
But don't worry. You can start by using a dry brush to scrub off the upper layer of these marks and spots. Use a cleaning liquid or warm water and soft scrub. Later, gently rub the surface to eliminate the layers steadily. And then, use a vacuum cleaner to suck the debris before giving the space a final wash with water and detergent (if needed).

Deep corners are home spaces that are neglected while routine cleaning and later create hygiene problems. Using these methods, you can easily access the difficult corners and ensure that your home is clean to its core!

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.