The coverage extent of commercial general liability insurance

The coverage extent of commercial general liability insurance  27th February 2023

Running a business is seen as a highly lucrative earning opportunity. However, the efforts, resources, and time required to envision, set up, and grow a business are not discussed enough. While the process is challenging, the true extent of an entrepreneur's sacrifices and the venture's uncertainties go unnoticed.

Considering the volatile settings in which a business must find foundation and prosper, insurance services are a boon that entrepreneurs must benefit from to protect their vision from risks, third-party lawsuits, and compensation claims. One such perk is commercial general liability insurance that provides an enterprise of any size belonging to any industry with the combined benefits of a product and public liability insurance policy.

If you own a business or plan to run one in the future, here's all you should know about commercial general liability insurance.

Defining commercial general liability insurance.

An insurance offering for companies and businesses, a commercial general liability insurance policy is a comprehensive protection from financial losses due to legal claims of bodily injury or property damage arising from business operations. Applicable for accidents caused by the non-negligence of the proprietor, it helps in risk management and ultimately protects the reputation and finances of a business in the long run.

The unique offering is an inclusive product and public liability insurance policy, making it a dual-benefit financial coverage for manufacturers of physical and intangible products and protecting them against claims that may be raised by third-party stakeholders like suppliers, customers, etc.

Coverage extent.

Often considered a comprehensive business insurance cover despite specific exclusions, commercial general liability insurance covers the following risks –

1. Third-party damages and injuries:
Any unintentional accidents that result in bodily injuries or losses for third parties while on business premises are covered under the policy. Therefore, the business can raise a claim in case of any reimbursement of medical bills of the injured or the cost of replacing or repairing any damaged property of third parties. It also includes accidents that cannot be traced back as wilful mischiefs, like accidental fires.

2. Advertising lawsuits:
Amid the highly-competitive environment with unclear and relatively lax laws relating to advertising protocol, it is common for businesses to battle in court over intangible assets like ideas, campaigns, strategies, and patented copyrights or trademarks.
While such issues may arise without ill intent and a genuine lack of awareness, a lawsuit may result in slander, public discontent, or even loss of business due to a change in public sentiments. While the issue and compensation for the party at fault is a judicial matter, the legal expenses borne by the business owner can be reclaimed, as legal and settlement costs are covered under the policy.

3. Product quality discrepancies:
The effective use of a product is highly dependent on its quality, which makes it a significant factor to maintain on the manufacturer's checklist. In case of any issues with the final quality of the product marketed, the consumer is entitled to sue the business for the product quality issues, which may result in end-user harm. This is a serious allegation that can jeopardise the future earning capacity and perpetual continuity of the firm.
While manufacturers must ensure that such serious issues do not surface, commercial general liability insurance protects the business from lawsuits and reimbursement costs.

4. Privacy invasion:
To set your product apart, endorsements may do wonders for increasing its reach and enticing consumers to purchase. But you must always have the legal provisions to use such material directly. Without such an express agreement, the commercial general liability policy can help settle with the aggrieved party outside the court and reimburse you for the compensation.

The above extent of coverage offers a general guideline of the inclusions of the two-in-one product and public liability insurance policy. We encourage business owners to do due diligence before purchasing business insurance to ensure their organisation enjoys comprehensive protection!

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.