The great reform: These customer-centric trends are the new hope for the insurance industry

The great reform: These customer-centric trends are the new hope for the insurance industry  02nd January 2023

Since Covid-19 hit the world, nothing has been the same. From individuals to industries, every aspect has undergone a massive transformation—changes that are leading to a disruption beyond the bounds of the economy and the global market. We saw extreme survival, lockdowns, economies tanking, corporates trying to run businesses with work-from-home options, and much more.

During lockdowns, businesses, start-up founders, analysts, and corporate professionals across the industries began to figure out the patterns of changing consumer behaviour and the solutions to address their demands.

We, too, believe that the insurance industry is experiencing profound change. The ecosystem is evolving rapidly, and insurers can no longer lean on old standard practices. With people being worried for themselves and their loved ones, investing in insurance meant investing in a healthy life. This has responded to the change in the insurance sector and marked the start of a revolution!

The following are the few emerging trends I believe will change the insurance industry landscape.

Insurance is not about products anymore.

It is almost weird to think about how the insurance sector is not "product-led" anymore. Safeguarding one's assets, health, life, homes, vehicles, and other aspects highlights the severity of having insurance. For example, you can consider health insurance a consumer product, but it is no longer about the "product" game.

The insurance sector is gaining recognition as a "service-oriented" industry. Constituting the perfect experience, right from being the potential customers' first choice to educating them about how their needs are going to be met, helping them throughout the process and beyond, addressing their grievances and providing solutions, and easing up the entire redemption process in the times of need is how you foster and strengthen your customer relationships. With so much focus on instant gratification, insurance companies need to curate an indispensable "service" – something that is hard to replace. We at Magma HDI endeavour to bring these practices into practicality.

Taking efforts to push digital transformation initiatives forward.

The Indian insurance market is encountering a massive technological shift. Digital-first business models are replacing traditional insurance practices. Gone are the days when insurance agencies relied on the older patterns of customer management, applying outdated systems and business thinking. The rise of state-of-the-art technologies has given new hope to age-old insurance practices, which we are the "modern legacy" powered by digital technologies. Digital-first insurers can offer relentless support, ensure transparency, and entrust their customers with realistic and practical solutions.

With these digital initiatives in place, the insurance sector can defy all stereotypes of being considered "conservative". This shift will push insurance companies to collaborate with different technologies developed by the IT sector and keep improving their services to ensure a seamless customer experience. Digitisation is the new cool. And the insurance sector is happily jumping on the bandwagon.

Personalisation is key.

Insurance companies need to admit that the habits and mindsets of consumers have changed with time. Personalisation is the new way of interaction that insurance companies need to adapt to volunteer the special interest of their customers. Tweaking your benefits and providing opportunities in a way that speaks "your" language, something unique to "you", is how we have been challenging the existing conventional work approach.

Data is the greatest resource in personalisation. This data includes the basic information, location, behavioural data of customers, etc. Making the right use of the collected data, the customers expect a personalised experience that can improve the relationship the company has built with them.

Delivering personalised services helps you strengthen your equations with your customers and prove that you, as an organisation, value their loyalty and contribution to the company's growth. It assures them that the company is standing strong with them. The other benefits of personalisation include an increase in sales, a boost in company’s reputation and the number of converts, customer retention, insights into consumer behaviour, and much more!

The transition of the insurance industry from traditional to digital, is making headlines and grabbing everyone's attention. The innovative-first approach and efficient technological solutions are leading the way to more promising insurance transactions and trusted customer relations. Your products might be one in a million but curating a perfect customer experience takes you to the top.

The industry is at a pivotal moment in developing forward-thinking insurance services, as the market is grappling with change at an exceptional speed. These are exciting times to take a step ahead and build deeper relationships with customers throughout the customer journey.