The immediate steps to take if you accidentally hurt your nails

The immediate steps to take if you accidentally hurt your nails  15st November 2022

Due to their tenderness, it is very common to get your nails hurt at home, the workplace, or even while you're sleeping. Nails are highly fragile, and while you sleep, they can hit the headboard of your bed or even get stuck in a piece of furniture nearby. The event of harming your nail or the cuticles is termed nail injury.

When the injury is severe, it can result in bleeding. If not, the area of injury can turn red or show signs of inflammation. These injuries can occur when the nail is torn, cut, or bruised in any way. In a worst-case scenario, the nail is torn away completely from the skin.

During such emergencies, running to the hospital is not always possible. Hence, working on the nails at home is recommended as your immediate response to the injury. The treatment becomes easier when first aid is provided as it restricts the extent of the injury and stops further damage.

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Now, let us look at the immediate steps you can take at home when a nail injury occurs. First, let us find the signs and symptoms you should look for while diagnosing a nail injury.

What are the symptoms of a nail injury?

Often, we fail to notice a nail injury even when it occurs. This can worsen the situation and give rise to further complications. Thus, it is advised to look out for these signs and symptoms while diagnosing a nail injury;

● Red patch of blood or dried blood in and around the nail

● Severe pain around the nail area

● Presence of blood underneath the nail

● Presence of cuts or tears on the nail

● Clipping of nails from its roots

● Tears to the nail cuticle

If you notice these symptoms, it is high time to care for your injured nails at home and seek medical help if necessary.

What are the steps to take for treating injured nails?

The case of nail injuries is very common. It is not always possible to seek immediate medical assistance for your injury. In such a case, it is advisable to take some steps at home that can help you control your pain and treat the injured nail by yourself. These include:

1. Look for the area of injury.

2. If there is any bleeding, try to stop it by holding a clean cloth or cotton to the area of injury with ample pressure.

3. Start cleaning the wound with water and soap. You can also clean the wound with an antiseptic.

4. Dry with a towel. Apply an ointment or bandage to the wound.

5. If there is swelling, apply an ice pack or ice chips over the area to reduce the inflammation.

6. Continue icing the wound as and when necessary.

7. Take painkillers if necessary.

Additionally, go to a doctor if the pain does not subside, and the bleeding does not stop, as the injury can be severe.

As nail injuries are frequent and mostly happen due to inattentiveness, it is preferred to wear quality slippers at home, especially in the kitchen. Regularly cut your nails, keep them clean, and inspect for issues immediately if you feel any pain.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.