The interesting facts about nutrition that people aren't aware

The interesting facts about nutrition that people aren't aware  21st December 2022

Every one of us tries to include as much nutritious food as possible to achieve a healthy lifestyle and stay fit and strong. To have proper nutrition in the daily diet, you should be aware of its various sources and the ideal intake of each type of food.

Let us go through a few interesting facts about nutrition that people aren't aware of.

1. Low-fat processed food is not healthy:
We often see propaganda and advertisements of artificially processed low-fat food to be healthy and nutritious without compromising on taste. This is a common myth. Most processed low-fat foods do not help in reducing weight. Also, they are unhealthy and do not help control or curb diseases.
Studies have shown that manufacturers use sugar and other preservatives, which can prove detrimental to your health and nutrition instead of benefitting you.

2. Fruit juices are high in sugar:
Since you were kids, you might have been told to drink a lot of fruit juice regularly as they are very healthy and a good substitute for eating fruits in raw form. You need to recheck this fact.
Fruit juices – apple, orange, or pomegranate, have high sugar content. You will be surprised to know that this sugar content equals any cola or soft drink you consume and is no better. Moreover, the packaged fruit juice that comes with the claim of having been made from real fruits is even more detrimental to your nutrition since they are made after removing wholesome fruit parts such as the skin and the pulp.
You can usually not eat three or four oranges in one sitting. However, a glassful of orange juice will contain the equivalent sugar of three to four oranges. Hence, consuming fruit juices frequently for your nutrition is not a very good idea.

3. The truth about weight loss supplements:
You often purchase over-priced weight loss supplements believing them to be helpful in your quest to lose weight. The truth is that these supplements hardly help us in doing so. They often prove inadequate for your nutrition and harm your body in several other ways.
The best way to lose weight is to increase your intake of nutritious food, reduce your calorie intake and stay physically active.

4. Calories are not everything:
You don't have to necessarily watch your calorie intake all day to lose weight and stay in shape. Having nutritious food high in protein can be a good calorie restrictor and help you to shed your excess weight.

5. Nutrition is more about control:
You often crave certain food and are willing to put in a good amount of effort just to get them. This usually happens with junk food that hardly has any nutrition and is unhealthy.
Junk food releases large amounts of dopamine in your body, similar to pleasure in your brain. Hence, the brain sends a signal to have more of such junk food. You start eating it more frequently and in much higher quantities than you can digest. Hence, eating junk food is more of an addiction for most people. Having nutritious food is more about controlling such behaviour and restricting junk food intake.

Nutrition should be at the top of our list in attaining a stronger inner self. Nutritious food is our passport to leading a secure and fit life that can keep us away from diseases and ensure our well-being.

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