The lesser known benefits of regular blood donation that will surprise you

The lesser-known benefits of regular blood donation that will surprise you  18th October 2022

If you want to do something good for humanity, you do not have to deal with arduous tasks. You can reach a blood donation camp and donate your blood. A drop of your blood can be life-saving for others. A report claims that India requires five crore units of blood daily. The same report also reflects that someone requires blood every two seconds.

Since there is no substitute for human blood, donating it is essential for everyone and the only option. Nevertheless, blood donation has a few surprising physical benefits, which we will cover further as this blog progresses. Staying fit is not an illusion. One can achieve and manage it by indulging in regular exercise, a proper diet, and sound sleep. Along with occasional blood donation, every health-conscious person should focus on health insurance policy renewal.

In the following section, find some surprising health benefits of donating blood.

1. A free health screening:
Blood donation ensures a free health screening for the donors. Routine tests have become costly in private laboratories in India. As a result, people do not undergo frequent health check-ups to save money. Not doing this can lead to non-identification with various complex diseases. Diagnosing such diseases early can help in better management and quicker treatment.
A blood donor undergoes a mini-physical examination before the donation process. For example, the screening test includes checking pulse, haemoglobin level, blood pressure, body temperature, etc. The screening test is free, and the test helps to know a few physical complications that were not known to you earlier.

2. Reduce the harmful iron storage in your body:
According to research, one out of two people are vulnerable to hemochromatosis, a physical condition due to iron overload. Most of the time, it is a genetic disease, but you can prevent it from happening by giving blood regularly.
Hemochromatosis patients need to undergo a treatment that removes additional red blood cells from their bodies. Instead of undergoing such a treatment, you can easily reduce iron storage by donating your blood regularly.

3. Reduce the risk of heart diseases:
Donating blood might lower the chance of heart disease, but it doesn't mean that regular blood donors will never get heart disease. According to the studies, a regular blood donor can reduce heart attacks by 80% through blood donation. Various medical research teams have noted that excessive iron in the blood increases the risk of heart attacks. As stated above, donating blood reduces excessive iron storage in your blood.
As a result, donating blood can prevent the risk of heart attacks. But it doesn't give you any guarantees this way, and you still need to stick to your workout and diet plans to avoid heart attacks. People with good heart conditions can obtain low-cost health insurance policy renewal deals.

4. Prevent the risk of cancer:
Cancer is one of the diseases that are fatal and difficult to deal with. A large number of people develop blood cancer. But did you know that you can reduce the risk of blood cancer to some extent through regular blood donation?
Various studies have revealed that blood donation can reduce the risk of blood cancer since it reduces the risk of hemochromatosis. Patients with the peripheral arterial disease have the highest risk of developing blood cancer, and donating blood regularly can lower this risk.

5. Psychological and social benefits:
Many researchers have also found psychological benefits of donating blood. Donating blood is a noble thing, and it can bring mental satisfaction. Many people want to work in favour of humanity, but they cannot find ways of helping others. Donating blood is the best way of helping others, as it can save a life in an emergency.

Keeping the body and mind healthy is the best way of living, and blood donation impacts both body and mind. You will feel healthier and mentally happy after donating blood. You should consider various other ways to keep your health in good shape. One way to do so is by investing in reliable health insurance. Always remain up-to-date regarding the health insurance policy renewal and avoid it from lapsing.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.