The perks of having the right windshield protection film on your car

The perks of having the right windshield protection film on your car  31st October 2022

Buying your dream car is only half the job done. Maintaining it properly is complex and time-consuming, but it is all worth in the end. Do you know that routine car windshield maintenance is one of car care's most overlooked aspects?

Your windshield gets chipped by a foreign object hitting it, reducing visibility and threatening your safety. You take precious time out of your day to get it fixed for an exorbitant price, only to have it break again at the mildest inconvenience.

This blog tries to understand better why a windshield protection film is a good investment for your car.

What is a windshield protection film, and how does it work?

Windshield protection films are generally made of 3 layers. The topmost layer is a protective layer that safeguards your windshield against scratches and prevents UV rays from entering the car and harming you. The second layer prevents the windshield from cracking, effectively acting as a shock absorber that distributes the force of the debris hitting it. The third layer is mainly for adhesive purposes.

Some of the perks of having a windshield protection film on your car involve the following.

1. Replacing a windshield can be heavy on the pocket:
Despite how easily the glass breaks when something heavy falls on it, the cost of replacing the windshield is not cheap. Also, if you have a luxury car, the windscreen may be connected to other systems in the vehicle, which may need recalibration, adding to the extra expense.
Driving with a cracked windshield is punishable by law. Save yourself additional expenses and avoid being tangled up on the wrong side of the law by installing a windshield at the earliest.

2. Maintaining the car's aesthetic:
Car enthusiasts know how important it is to make your car beautiful inside out. Just like you keep your car's paint job pristine, the tyres filled, and the inside clean, investing in a windshield protector that keeps the front of your car looking smooth is necessary.

3. Keeps you safe:
A cracked windshield can hamper your visibility to a great extent. This might lead to an accident and long-term damage to your car, or worse, you and your family. Also, a windshield protection film will decrease the chances of shattering in lousy weather conditions, such as cyclones or hail. It gives overall protection to your car.

4. Protects against UV damage:
UV rays damage the skin and retinas and cause long-lasting health conditions such as skin cancer and blindness. These films have the added advantage of blocking UV rays so that they can't enter the car and thus, resulting in better health.

Now you know the advantages of having the right windshield protection film on your car. It is vital to make a wise decision that meets your short-term and long-term goals for your car. Select the best windshield protector by discussing it with a trusted mechanic in your area. Just like you plan to upgrade your car's windshield, you need to consider upgrading the car's safety too.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.