The smart tips to practise the perfect power nap to revitalise yourself

The smart tips to practise the perfect power nap to revitalise yourself  21st December 2022

You might have felt tired and sluggish during the day, especially in the afternoon. This comes as a result of incomplete sleep. You may have been out for a party, a late-night movie, studying for some exam, or working on a presentation. The reasons can be many, but the result is always laziness and low energy levels throughout the next day.

What should you do to come out of this situation? Caffeine can be one solution, but it has a temporary effect, and an overdose can be harmful. A power nap can be blissful in such cases and can make you feel fresh and recharged. Let us go through some smart tips to practise the perfect power nap to revitalise yourself.

1. Appropriate duration:
A power nap is only to revitalise you rather than make you feel sleepy or dizzy and spoil the remaining part of your day. According to several clinical studies, the perfect duration for a power nap is 10-20 minutes. Anything lesser will not do the trick, and a longer power nap will have ill effects rather than a positive impact. You will start feeling sleepier and more irritated if you sleep more.

2. Time:
The perfect time for a power nap is after lunch but before 3 pm. A power nap after that will have a negative impact on your night sleep schedule. You will not be able to sleep properly, spoiling your next day.

3. Set an alarm:
A power nap is meant to be only for a short duration. Hence, use an alarm and set it to ring after 15-20 minutes of sleep. Otherwise, you may keep sleeping for longer and miss your essential work or spoil your routine for the remaining day.

4. Create the perfect environment:
The perfect environment for an instant and effective power nap is a dark, cool, and cosy room without any noise or disturbance. Such an environment signals your body that it is time to sleep and helps you relax. It will help you to take a nap quickly. Otherwise, you may end up trying to sleep forcefully, wasting your time, and still feeling sluggish.

5. Take coffee naps:
Studies suggest that even caffeine can help you achieve your desired power nap. Strange, isn't it? The effect of caffeine usually starts after 15-20 minutes of intake, say through a cup of coffee. You can have coffee, take your power nap instantly, and feel more refreshed and active by the time you wake up.
However, there can be a few disadvantages if you make this a habit. Caffeine can be addictive. It can hurt your memory performance, and you may start forgetting things after days of constant caffeine intake at a stretch.

6. Consistency:
Make your power nap schedule consistent to make it the most effective. Your body will get used to its time and duration. This will help you not oversleep and get refreshed and revitalised on time.

A power nap is an effective way to cure your sleep deprivation. It helps to boost your memory, attentiveness, and alertness while having a positive impact on your mood as well. You feel lighter, refreshed, and full of life.

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