The top cycling tours in India you can try this monsoon

The top cycling tours in India you can try this monsoon  19th July 2022

Cycling is not just a sport. It is also one of the healthiest habits one can develop, to keep one's mind and body in good shape. It's no wonder that cycling is a prevalent pastime among people after all these advantages. This way of travel is steadily gaining popularity among people of the new generation.

It is also a feeling that gives us nostalgic moments from our childhood. Cycling is an excellent way to spend time with yourself. Who doesn't want to cycle through the beautiful, frosty Himalayas, Meghalaya's lush green forests, or Udaipur's rich cultural city?

This blog has curated the perfect list of cycling tours in India to give you information on planning your next cycling trip!

1. Mangalore to Goa:
This scenic stretch of road along the coast of the Arabian Sea is one of the most breath-taking sites to see in the world. The quaint villages of the south will amaze you with the beauty in their simplicity, the waterfalls, temples, and national parks in the area are a bonus. Don't stop when you reach Goa. Visit all the key tourist sites on your bicycle to get the full experience of the trip.
This 350-kilometre trip might seem difficult, but with the right company for motivation, it will prove to be one of the best experiences of your life. This trip, on average, takes 06 days to complete.

2. Puducherry:
Going further south, there's nothing like cycling through the picturesque city of Puducherry (formerly known as Pondicherry). Dotted with the best of the post-colonial architecture of the French, this vibrant city has beautiful cathedrals, coffee shops, and, most importantly, the famed town of Auroville. Don't forget to book your ticket to Auroville in advance to gain a different perspective on spirituality in this renowned town of devotees from all around the globe.

3. Manali to Leh:
The stretch between Manali and Leh is the perfect route if you're looking for more of a challenge and less of a holiday. This endurance test will give you one of the most life-altering experiences. Manali is a charming city, popular among nature and adventure lovers alike. The way to Leh is the famed Rohtang Pass, at an altitude of 13000 feet. The majestic mountains and the scenic lakes are something to experience once in a lifetime. It is imperative to know that this trip pushes your limits and will require your full physical fitness. These are difficult roads to take, and it is best to research general insurance companies in India before planning your trip.

4. Shillong to Cherrapunji:
Moving to the beautiful northeast, Meghalaya is a mesmerising monsoon destination. With the drizzling rain pattering on the rich flora and fauna of the forests, it's a nature lover's dream come true. Meghalaya is a gorgeous yet primarily unexplored part of the northeast that should be on every cyclist's list. It is the perfect ride for the curious traveller with bountiful greenery and terrains. This 60-km journey might be difficult, but it is worth.

These cycling trips will surely be enjoyable and eye-opening experiences for individuals. It is worth riding up the hills, the jungles, and the cities' interiors. Before hopping on the seat, it is essential to wear all necessary safety gear like helmet, knee and elbow guards, and most importantly, do the servicing and maintenance of your bicycle.

It is stressful when there is uncertainty of an accident. Research the best general insurance companies in India for buying a travel insurance cover to stay protected and enjoy your trip without any worries of mishaps. You are now all set to get the wheels moving.

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