These 5 practices can help you stay protected from Covid-19

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These 5 practices can help you stay protected from Covid-19  27th May 2021

In these difficult and devastating times, we all want to keep ourselves protected from this deadly pandemic. The entire human race is praying to be safe and establish a Covid-free atmosphere in the world. But how can we make this happen? What measures can truly safeguard us from getting infected by this highly contagious disease?

1. MASK- A dependable shield

Wearing a proper mask should be our utmost priority whenever we move out of our houses or go to crowded places. Mask is the first wall of defence against the Coronavirus. The majority of the chances of getting infected are narrowed down if we wear appropriate masks suggested by our government and health authorities. But just wearing the masks is not sufficient; the mask should cover your face and nose properly. Only good quality masks should be used, cloth masks should be regularly washed, and use-and-throw masks should not be used more than twice. Masks should be handled only by using elastic strands. Avoid using masks that have filters installed on them, but use masks that are comfortable and easy to breathe. Remember, Mask ON....Life ON!

2. Maintain a safe distance today to have a safer tomorrow

Another crucial and effective preventive measure is maintaining a social distance of at least six feet when you are around other people. Avoiding close contact with people can nullify the chances of getting infected to larger extents. Even when you are at home, it is recommended to avoid getting close to the sick person or with low immunity, especially aged members of your house. Today this physical distance is a necessity to ensure the safety of you and also the people around you.

3. Safety is in your HANDS. Literally!

Our hands touch many things and surfaces daily, which means they are massively exposed to the virus. Later these hands can act as a carrier and can make our bodies vulnerable to the infection. So, we must wash our hands regularly and properly. Hands should be either washed by using soap and water or using hand sanitizers with a minimum of 70% alcohol. Especially when you are in a public place, carry a sanitizer with you always and use it whenever you touch an unknown surface. Avoid touching your nose, eyes, face, and mouth with unclean hands. Also, maintain personal hygiene and even keep your surroundings disinfected.

4. Vaccine is a must

Responsibly participate in the vaccination drive and get yourself vaccinated with both the doses of the vaccine. Also, encourage others to get themselves vaccinated. The vaccine is a game-changer during these challenging times, so be responsible and take the shot whenever available.

5. Your Health, Your Priority

In this depressing environment, it is wise to understand that staying positive can flush all the negativity and restore happiness. Every human is a superhero during these crucial times. Together we all can do wonders, follow these guidelines, and realize the importance of Covid appropriate behaviour and be a life saviour.

Lastly, in this extreme situation, closely monitor your health for any unexpected changes in your body. Never underestimate any symptoms, stay alert and consult your doctor in case you feel something odd. It is suggested to have an appropriate

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policy that acts as a rescuer for immediate cashless hospitalization and huge Covid related hospital expenses. You can buy health insurance online in a contactless manner from a trusted source to ensure your health cover.

Let's make this difficult period a little lighter, both emotionally and mentally, and win this battle.