These activities can promote your child's early development

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These activities can promote your child's early development  21st March 2022


Children give purpose to a family. As they carry their family's legacy, their development is always of utmost priority around the house. Parents focus on saving up for their children's education, health, marriage and fulfilling their other needs and demands. They try their best to give their children more than what was provided to them.

It is said that a child reflects the culture that is practised in the family. They imitate what they see at home. Their cognitive abilities start developing in the early stages of life. So, it is essential to engage them in various activities which stimulate their body and mind. These practices will help them utilise their time fruitfully and give them a wide range of things to explore.

Wondering how to keep your child engaged? In this blog, we will discuss a couple of activities to promote your child's early development.

1. Get your kids into musical:
Music creatively stimulates your child's brain. It helps them understand and capture different tones, rhythms and sounds. You can help them learn nursery rhymes, numbers, alphabets, etc., through music. This can shape their cognitive abilities.
The tunes will help them remember things easily. Having a fun, musical experience makes things exciting and lighthearted.

2. Lots of pictures:
You can put up many pictures in your child's room. Having visuals around will stimulate their brain. Associate the images with words, for example, a family tree. Discuss the pictures and the terms frequently. This will help them identify and relate the words to images and vice-versa. It's a fun learning technique that many experts prescribe.

3. Colours and textures:
Humans respond to colours and textures. Toddlers' brains are more receptive to sensory stimulation, including touch, vision and taste. These sensations help them understand their surroundings. You can use bold letters and dark markers to help them understand patterns, notes, etc.
Parents can use textured materials for decor and furnish their child's room with their favourite learning and playtime materials. For example- you can use cotton balls, sandpapers, beans, etc.

4. Play:
"All work and no play make Jack a dull boy" is a saying we've all heard. Physical movement holds as much importance as mental development does. Engage your children in outdoor activities to help them get familiar with the environment and observe the things around them. This further allows them to recognise certain situations and people when interacting outdoors.

5. Organization:
Arrangement and organisation help your kids understand the importance of cleanliness. At the same time, it trains their mind and builds organisational skills, which will prove to be helpful for them in the future. You can start by helping them understand how to place their toys, small clothing items, activities' kits, etc.
Spend time with your children and make labels for different drawers and bins. And then develop their habit to place their stuff in the assigned places. This is how you can smartly introduce discipline in your child's behaviour.

Other activities to promote your child's early development include planning a scavenger hunt, measuring their growth, numbering the days of the week and months, etc. These activities create an enjoyable learning experience and make your kids excited about future learning. Activities and hobbies help foster and strengthen the bond between parents and their children and make the interaction hesitation-free, exciting and full of love and care.

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This will allow your children to focus only on learning, imbibe new experiences, and be playful without any worries of being hurt. Don't let any hurdle hinder the path to your child's development.

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